System interruption

This blog was unavailable during the previous 20 or so hours, it now being 2:50PM on October 15.  The site was closed down because it was hacked so it could send out spam e-mails.  If you have received any strange e-mails from this site, please ignore them.  I believe I have now corrected the problem, restored the site,  and added additional security measures.  My strong commitment is to keep this blog up full-bore, there being so many exciting new developments related to health and aging.

The new Google entity Calico has declared it is going to take on aging and make a real difference in our longevity.  This has also been the basic goal of this blog for almost five years now.  I welcome Google to the game.

Our next substantive blog entry is nearly ready to go and should be published very soon.




About Vince Giuliano

Being a follower, connoisseur, and interpreter of longevity research is my latest career. I have been at this part-time for well over a decade, and in 2007 this became my mainline activity. In earlier reincarnations of my career. I was founding dean of a graduate school and a university professor at the State University of New York, a senior consultant working in a variety of fields at Arthur D. Little, Inc., Chief Scientist and C00 of Mirror Systems, a software company, and an international Internet consultant. I got off the ground with one of the earliest PhD's from Harvard in a field later to become known as computer science. Because there was no academic field of computer science at the time, to get through I had to qualify myself in hard sciences, so my studies focused heavily on quantum physics. In various ways I contributed to the Computer Revolution starting in the 1950s and the Internet Revolution starting in the late 1980s. I am now engaged in doing the same for The Longevity Revolution. I have published something like 200 books and papers as well as over 430 substantive.entries in this blog, and have enjoyed various periods of notoriety. If you do a Google search on Vincent E. Giuliano, most if not all of the entries on the first few pages that come up will be ones relating to me. I have a general writings site at and an extensive site of my art at Please note that I have recently changed my mailbox to
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2 Responses to System interruption

  1. eric25001 says:

    I am looking forward to your next post.

    Have you considered a periodic SKYPE discussion?
    I would like to discuss the death rates per 100,000 population and how the rates have changed by cause over time and yet march on as we age. Eric

  2. madscientist90 says:

    Wow, great website!

    I was reading through your comprehensive anti-aging firewall description and had a question. Are the supplement amounts in the table per day or per dose? L-carnosine is listed at 500mg twice daily. Does that mean 2 doses of 250mg or 2 doses of 500mg?

    Also, what supplement brands do you use? Outside of looking for USP certification, I’m not sure how to identify products with reliable purity, labeling, and potency. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me by email if you don’t want to post that information on the website. My address is Thanks a lot!

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