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Circadian Regulation, NMN, Preventing Diabetes, and Longevity

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By Victor Circadian Regulation is a fascinating topic with ties to many issues involved in antiaging research, including the regulation of stem cell populations.(See The circadian molecular clock creates epidermal stem cell heterogeneity, Biological Clock Controls Activation of Skin Stem … Continue reading

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By Vince Giuliano INTRODUCTION Many of us who have studied aging have long believed that, sooner or later we would discover keys to a long and healthy life via biological repair, renewal and regenerative processes. Based on what we have … Continue reading

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By James P Watson with assistance and added commentary by Vince Giuliano This is a story of how we got here to our obesity and metabolic disease epidemic.  Goes a bit back – around 30-40 million years – with another … Continue reading

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Digital Health Part 4: Heart rate stress biomarkers derivable from smart watch data

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  By Vince Giuliano This blog entry focuses deeper on personal research I have been doing on specific constitutional stress biomarkers derivable from measurements by a smart watch, a Basic Peak in my case.  I described the stress biomarkers and … Continue reading

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Glucosamine for longevity

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By Vince Giuliano with important contributions by James P Watson Glucosamine is one of the most popular dietary supplements, used by millions who hope that it will lessen the ravages of osteoarthritis, arthritis, loss of cartilage and associated pain and … Continue reading

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Shedding new light on circadian rhythms

By Vince Giuliano with inputs from James P Watson, Victor, and Melody Winnig Many of our most basic biological processes including gene activation are affected by circadian and other body and cell-level clock rhythms. In January 2012, Victor posted a blog … Continue reading

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The evolving narrative and social transformation of aging – Part 3: major initiatives and activities that are reflecting and driving the changes in narratives of aging

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By Vince Giuliano, Melody Winnig and Michael Giuliano This blog entry is the third in a three-part series on the shifting narrative of aging.  In Part 1 we started by laying out main issues confronting the world that are associated … Continue reading

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Jim Watson’s “Top 12” List of “Things I Learned about Aging” in 2013

By James P Watson with editorial assistance from Vince Giuliano In the style of David Letterman’s “top 10 list” from late night TV, I am listing my own list of the most important things that I personally learned in 2013 … Continue reading

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Prospectus for a Grand Unified theory of Biology, Health and Aging

By Vince Giuliano with major contributions from Jim Watson This blog entry argues that the time has come to create a Grand Unified Theory of Aging.  Such a theory will necessarily be a major part of a Grand Unfied Theory … Continue reading

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The Master Regulator of Aging? – Redox, Glutatione and Cysteine, Part 1

By Dan Campagnoli (Welcome Dan, as a researcher and writer for this blog.  Jim Watson and I agree that with what is laid out in this blog entry, you clearly win both of the prizes in our contest Aging science … Continue reading

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