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Inflammation Part 4 – PCSK9 inhibition – Also Part 1 of interventions that reduce all cause mortality (ACM)

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By James P Watson with inputs and editorial assistance by Vince Giuliano I.  INTRODUCTION This is the fourth in what we expect will be seven or more blog posts concerned with chronic inflammation.  It relates to a recently discovered protein … Continue reading

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By Vince Giuliano June 27 1017   Once in a while over the years I take a break from blog research and writing as I have done recently.  When I come back to the research and writing after such a … Continue reading

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Inflammation Part 3: resolving inflammation – resolvins, protectins, maresins and lipoxins

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By Vince Giuliano This Part 3 of the Inflammation series of blog entries is concerned with the all-important resolution phase of inflammation, how acute inflammation goes away under ideal conditions instead of hunkering down to lingering and dangerous chronic inflammation. … Continue reading

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Inflammation Part 2: The Tale of Three Stress Sensors and their Interactions: 1)Inflammation, 2)Genomic Instability (p53), and 3)Oxidative stress (Nrf2)

By James Watson, with contributions and editing by Vince Giuliano We promised a major series of blog entries related to inflammation back in May 2016.    We said we would do that through narrating a number of inter-related stories many of … Continue reading

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Aging, health and disease – view from the DNA Methylome

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By James P. Watson with contributions and editing by Vince Giuliano Introduction (By Vince Giuliano) Jim Watson and I have held that aging and biology, like the universe itself, have no centers.  Like the universe, they can be looked at … Continue reading

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Coming in this blog

By Vince Giuliano and James P Watson This entry signals some intended changes in our blogging approach and lists some blog entries we plan to publish soon. A.  Changes in blogging approach We expect to go to shorter more- focused … Continue reading

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Transposable DNA elements –- Part 2: The Self-copy Machines in Your Genes

By James P Watson with editorial and some content contribution by Vince Giuliano This is the second blog entry in a three-part series concerned with transposable DNA entries (TEs).  The Part 1 entry focused on basics of what TEs are, … Continue reading

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The top 21Benefits of Meditation

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By James P Watson, with editorial assistance and comments by Vince Giuliano and Melody Winnig Initial  comments – by Vince Giuliano This blog entry is about thoroughly documented health and possible longevity benefits of meditation, quite apart from possible spiritual … Continue reading

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A simple, comprehensive plan to prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases – Part 1: The Plan

By James P Watson, with contributions and editorial assistance by Vince Giuliano  INTRODUCTION AND OVERALL PRINCIPLES This is the first of a pair of blog entries concerned with dementias – neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and its cousins.  This … Continue reading

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Digital health – health and fitness wearables, apps and platforms – implications for assessing health and longevity interventions – Part 1 Flux in the market

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By Vince Giuliano with inputs and assistance from Melody Winnig and James P Watson INTRODUCTION The consumer electronics industry is giving a tremendous boost to public and individual health – perhaps the most important boost in the first half of … Continue reading

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