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Telomerase activation – upside and downside

First of all, today I updated the discussion related to the Telomere Shortening and Damage theory of aging. The treatise now has a more comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of the topic with more literature citations.  Not a lot new is … Continue reading

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Do resveratrol, curcumin and EGCG from green tea really inhibit the expression of telomerase?

In anti-aging blog circles the answer seems to be YES, causing endless discussion of how people who want to take these substances and the telomerase activator astragaloside IV should time their doses so the effect of the expensive telomerase activator … Continue reading

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Stem Cells, Telomeres and Telomerase, and DNA repair

On the surface it appears that the 14th theory of aging in my Anti-Aging Firewalls treatise Decline in Adult Stem Cell Differentiation is very different than the  12th theory Telomere Shortening. And these two theories seem to be different than … Continue reading

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More telomerase tidbits

More telomerase tidbits When I started following telomere/telomerase-related research 15 years ago, this was an arcane subject. Research publications related to it were extremely far-between and only a few far-out thinkers saw it as having a lot to do with … Continue reading

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Two faces of Life Extension

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By Vince Giuliano There are two distinct faces of life extension which are often confused, even by the best researchers working in the longevity field.  This sometimes leads to paradoxical observations.  I seek to clarify what these faces are in … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on How to Live My Longest Healthy Life (Healthspan). Part one

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Stan Goldfarb Introduction by Vince Giuliano Stan Goldfarb is a friend and a colleague who often contributes to online longevity discussions, particularly ones concerned with dietary supplements.  Although not a scientist he has strong and sometimes unique views on what … Continue reading

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Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome – a disease of accelerated aging due to Alternative Splicing

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By James P Watson with editorial assistance and contributions from Vince Giuliano I.  WHY YOU SHOULD BE INTERESTED IN HUTCHINSON-GILFORD PROGERIA SYNDROME (HGPS) Summary: HGPS is a major clue to solving the “puzzle of aging” and the molecular mechanisms here … Continue reading

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Transposable DNA elements –- Part 2: The Self-copy Machines in Your Genes

By James P Watson with editorial and some content contribution by Vince Giuliano This is the second blog entry in a three-part series concerned with transposable DNA entries (TEs).  The Part 1 entry focused on basics of what TEs are, … Continue reading

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By James P Watson with editorial help and selected contributions by Vince Giuliano Image source Human telomeric G-quadruplex structure  Introduction by Vince Giuliano If you are new to G-quadraplexes, I can appreciate reader resistance to confronting the intellectual challenge of … Continue reading

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The top 21Benefits of Meditation

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By James P Watson, with editorial assistance and comments by Vince Giuliano and Melody Winnig Initial  comments – by Vince Giuliano This blog entry is about thoroughly documented health and possible longevity benefits of meditation, quite apart from possible spiritual … Continue reading

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