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APOE4 gene variant, memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease risk

A study published in the July 16 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that people who inherit the ApoE4 gene allele are likely to experience signs of early dementia.  815 subjects were followed for about five years, … Continue reading

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Bubble Gum, Cat in the Hat, Qi Gong, humidity, stupidity, cannibalism and longevity

I need a little break from heavy-duty research.  So, it is time for lighter stuff and junk.  I continue to monitor the news and web for insights related to longevity.  Here are a few recent tidbits: ·        As a longevity … Continue reading

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Telomerase activation – upside and downside

First of all, today I updated the discussion related to the Telomere Shortening and Damage theory of aging. The treatise now has a more comprehensive and up-to-date discussion of the topic with more literature citations.  Not a lot new is … Continue reading

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Now hear this

Joe’s Wife:  Jerry just called from Brown’s Boat Basin.  Old Joe:  Who fell down?  Did you say Larry or Mary? And what’s that about a brown raisin in your throat? Joe’s Wife:  “YOUR SON JERRY PHONED.  Said he wants to … Continue reading

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Calorie Restriction, longevity, and waiting for proof of what works

If a life-extension technology works well with yeast, fruit flies and nematodes, will it also work well with us humans?  It would take a very long time to prove this through controlled lifelong experiments.  And such experiments might never happen.  … Continue reading

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Viva mTOR! Caveat mTOR!

Some 288 news articles appeared in the last two days with headlines like Anti-age pill comes closer to reality and  Is Man’s Quest For Longevity Hidden in Antibiotics?  They are about the latest experimental discovery related to the  mTOR gene … Continue reading

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Dendritic cell cancer immunotherapy

The basic idea of cancer immunotherapy is to get a patient’s own immune system to attack and destroy cancer cells or cancer stem cells or both. There are several approaches to doing this and one important general approach involves the … Continue reading

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Warding off Alzheimer’s Disease and things in my diet

I thought I would poke into what the research literature says about things in my diet and associated risk of Alzheimer’s disease or late-onset dementia.  I came up with the following” My morning cups of coffee (3-4 cups, half-caffeinated, half … Continue reading

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On cancer stem cells

A relatively new approach to looking at and treating cancers is to focus on cancer stem cells, a small subpopulation of cancer cells in a tumor that are capable or reproducing indefinitely and differentiating into mature cancer cells.  “Cancer stem … Continue reading

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Gene variations and diseases – far from simple

The genome of an individual normally exhibits variations from the reference human genome identified by the Human Genome Project.  Some of these variations are inherited, some are due to mutations, some may be harmful, some are beneficial and some may … Continue reading

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