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Curcumin, cancer and longevity

This blog entry is a companion and sequel to the previous one Neurogenesis, curcumin and longevity.  I focus here on the extensive research related to the anti-cancer properties of curcumin and go further into an issue raised in the last … Continue reading

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Neurogenesis, curcumin and longevity

I have discussed both neurogenesis and curcumin in my treatise and in numerous blog entries but have never examined their relationship.  This blog entry is about the actions of curcumin in promoting neurogenesis in the hippocampus and highly-likely mental-health implications … Continue reading

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PGC-1-alpha and exercise

You can probably expect to hear a lot about PGC-1-alpha as time goes on because this remarkable substance is turning out to have a lot to do with health and longevity.  It appears to be the mediator of the health … Continue reading

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Blog entries in the works

I have covered much of the “low hanging fruit” of the longevity sciences in the 304 existing blog entries written over the last two years.  Yet, developing a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of aging requires harvesting fruit from … Continue reading

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Skin Cancer immunotherapies

Immunotherapies are ones that mobilize the body’s own immune system defense against disease processes.  This blog entry is about immunotherapies for skin cancers, focusing on an effective older one known as imiquimod or by its trade name aldara, and a … Continue reading

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Contrarian research findings: newly-identified aging villain substances; calorie restriction longevity is not due to calorie restriction

Recent publications have surfaced substances that may contribute to aging including favorites used to extend longevity.  Also, it has cast light on longevity due to calorie restriction suggesting that what counts is not the calories as much as the food … Continue reading

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