@ Feb 2023 – Studies Highlight Four Biological Intervention Targets Important for Longevity

Zoom Link: February 28, 2023, @ 7pm Pacific Time


A few explanations of aging and rejuvenation appeared promising for years. But the knowledge required to design experiments capable of distinguishing between poor and great benefit to the study organism and explanation took longer.

In the last three years, experiment evidence about the effectiveness of several Anti-Aging- Interventions is astounding.

Each of these new, exemplary study Biological Interventions

  • were founded in evidence and insight from the dozens, even hundreds, of previously published studies
  • focused on Different Biological Intervention Targets implicating Different Explanations of the biological benefit

Still, even though the Biological Intervention Targets were different, the associated Biological Mechanisms they triggered made for profound benefit: improving physical resilience, survival probability, and/or increased lifespan. The key exemplary studies making this clear include:

  1. Old plasma dilution reduces biological age in humans
  2. Triggering the Hegu Acupoint increased survival probability after lethal endotoxin injection in rodents
  3. ”Partial Epigenetic Reprogramming” significantly increased remaining lifespan in older rodents
  4. Increased oxygen absorption in the blood reduced aged, senescent cells in humans

Based on those studies, and on a broad understanding of the scientific literature, we can begin to identify and name Four Distinct Biological Intervention Targets. My favorite current names for these are, respectively:

  1. Aging Factors in the Circulating Blood Plasma
  2. Inflammation and the Mammalian Mechanism for Centrally Managing it
    1. i.e., the Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway
  3. Aged and Diseased Epigenetic Profiles
  4. The Stress Response

About those Biological Intervention Targets, First, Notice

  • 1 & 3 are Quantifiable Biological States; with knowledge and technology they could/can be manipulated
  • 2 & 4 are endogenous mammalian mechanisms that every human on the planet has within them

And then Ask Yourself: What is the relationship between

  • 1 & 2?
  • How about 3 & 4?

In this talk, I will try briefly to

  • summarize the Four Exemplary Experiment Interventions
  • list the essential features of the four
    • Biological Intervention Targets
    • Biological Mechanisms
  • highlight known relationships among these elements
  • list Key Interventions by Biological Intervention Target in descending potency order
    • Let’s review, discuss, debate the Interventions by Target

Zoom Link: February 28, 2023, @ 7pm Pacific Time

And here’s a link to a document with links to more information about each of the 4 Biological Intervention Targets.

  • Note: I’ll be updating these background material links up to a few days before the meeting.


Stay Tuned: I will do my best to describe and explain these Biological intervention Targets and Interventions in more detail in meetups to follow, one each month.

Be Adventurous! Be Safe! Have Fun!

About Steve Buss

Steve Buss is a longevity/rejuvenation science researcher. He often blogs at https://www.longecity.org/ and implements Younging protocols in his life. He works professionally as a software engineer. Steve has been focused on key elements of the Younging paradigm for more than a decade. -- In May 2012, he began blogging about the importance of The Inflammatory Reflex and the Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway. http://hdw.shor.tn/5 -- In October 2018, he began blogging about the decline of the JMJD3 demethylase in humans in their mid-20s, including ways to address that decline., including the use of Red/Near Infrared light and PEMF. http://hdw.shor.tn/6 -- In November 2018, he began blogging about "Frequency Sensitive Biological Objects." http://hdw.shor.tn/7 -- In March 2020, Steve began to increase Hypoxia via Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT).
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