Diluting Aging Factors in the Blood – An Online Talk about the Science of Innate and Technology Approaches

Zoom Link: April 5, 2023, @ 7pm Pacific Time


Evidence and insight from several recent longevity science studies constitute a turning point for Longevity Science Enthusiasts.

We now know that Aging Factors Exist in our Blood Plasma. And we know there are ways to

  • reduce/dilute these factors, and by doing so
  • increase health and survival probability

There are several Interventions we can do now to reduce/dilute these factors. Some of these interventions are new, others are ancient.

If done optimally in an informed way, these interventions can have a significant positive impact for 1 to 3 days; it not done optimally or done haphazardly, the Interventions make for only a marginal positive difference.

These approaches include

  • ingesting anti-inflammatory foods and/or supplements
  • engaging in behaviors that result in anti-inflammatory processes
  • triggering the Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway

Recently, a technology-based approach has also appeared on the scene. It’s FDA-approved to treat a large number of health disorders. It dilutes these (Inflammatory) Aging Factors more completely in a few months. Experiments demonstrate that it results in a younger gene expression profile. This Intervention is a kind of Biological Gene Expression reset and it’s called

  • Therapeutic Plasma Exchange, or
  • Plasmapheresis

In this talk, we will

  • summarize the methods we can do now and the benefits we can derive from them
  • outline the approach and usefulness of the technology approach: Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  • explain how we KNOW these two kinds of interventions are addressing the exact same profound cause of aging
  • summarize a first draft Longevity-Promoting Regimen Sequence using both these intervention approaches
  • explain all the graphical elements in the meetup header
  • make time for Comments and Q&A

Resources for the Discussion

About the Aging Factors in the Blood Plasma

15 minute overview of plasma dilution by Sheekey Science

42 minute interview of the Conboys about plasma dilution

26 minute talk by Dobri Kiprov about TPE for Rejuvenation

Dobri Kiprovs key 2013 “Hypothesis Paper”

Conboys/Kiprov key Aug-2022 paper about Rejuvenation via Dilution

About the Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway

20 minute talk by Kevin Tracey about the CAP

58 minute talk by Kevin Tracey about the CAP

Kevin Tracey’s 2002 CAP ‘Hypothesis Paper”

Kevin Tracey’s key 2009 CAP Review about intra-cellular objects

…… I’ll be referencing Figure 2 prominently in the talk

…… Figure 2 –> Most Predictively Significant Scientific Diagram Ever?

Kevin Tracey’s key 2012 CAP description with key diagrams


About Steve Buss

Steve Buss is a longevity/rejuvenation science researcher. He often blogs at https://www.longecity.org/ and implements Younging protocols in his life. He works professionally as a software engineer. Steve has been focused on key elements of the Younging paradigm for more than a decade. -- In May 2012, he began blogging about the importance of The Inflammatory Reflex and the Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway. http://hdw.shor.tn/5 -- In October 2018, he began blogging about the decline of the JMJD3 demethylase in humans in their mid-20s, including ways to address that decline., including the use of Red/Near Infrared light and PEMF. http://hdw.shor.tn/6 -- In November 2018, he began blogging about "Frequency Sensitive Biological Objects." http://hdw.shor.tn/7 -- In March 2020, Steve began to increase Hypoxia via Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT).
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