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CAR adoptive stem cell immunotherapy– an emerging new weapon against cancers and other incurable diseases

By Vince Giuliano There is current excitement about a new approach to using a person’s own immune system to fight and defeat otherwise incurable cancers: Adoptive immunotherapy, a technology that is currently the subject of multiple clinical trials.  Here, I … Continue reading

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Mechanisms and Effects of Dietary Restriction

By Victor In 1934, researchers at Cornell University discovered that laboratory rats fed a severely restricted diet lived up to twice as long as those fed a regular diet.  Subsequent research has confirmed the health and longevity benefits of dietary … Continue reading

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Latest p16(Ink4a) senescence-reversing research – an important but not game-changing contribution

By Vince Giuliano The press has recently picked up heavily on work by Mayo Clinic researchers related to reversal of cell-senescence in-vivo via inhibition of expression of the protein p16(Ink4a).  The research has been heralded by such headlines as Cell … Continue reading

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Key roles of glia and microglia in age-related neurodegenerative diseases

Previously I have written about the roles of glia and microglia in Alzheimer’s disease and in spinal cord injury.  This blog entry reports on recent research which documents the importance of glial pathology as a general underlying factor in essentially … Continue reading

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