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The Master Regulator of Aging? – Redox, Glutatione and Cysteine, Part 1

By Dan Campagnoli (Welcome Dan, as a researcher and writer for this blog.  Jim Watson and I agree that with what is laid out in this blog entry, you clearly win both of the prizes in our contest Aging science … Continue reading

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Further extensions to and implications of the Xenohormetic live food hypothesis

By Vince Giuliano and Melody Winnig  Image source This is the third blog entry related to the Xenohormetic live food hypothesis.  In the first blog entry – Health through stressing fruits and vegetables —  we laid out the basic hypothesis, … Continue reading

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Genetic and epigenetic factors in cancer, cellular senescence and the light and dark sides of exosome communications in cancer

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By James P Watson with assistance by Vince Giuliano This blog entry looks at the genetic and epigenetic factors in cancer.  The news here is basically good – epigenetic transformations seem in many cases to be upstream of genetic mutations … Continue reading

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