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I live down under in Australia where my primary career has been as a software engineer. Along with optimizing the performance of complex software systems I've also taken a similar interest in how to optimize the most complex system of all, the human body. Health science has been an interest for a long time and has grown to become a focused area of research for me, requiring delving deep into the biology of the aging process. I'm interested in elucidating the actual mechanisms of action of lifestyle factors, supplements and essential dietary components on the many facets of cellular function for peak performance and longevity - for both general disease prevention and for dealing with common lifestyle and aging-associated diseases. You can find my other writings on the topic at

The Master Regulator of Aging? – Redox, Glutatione and Cysteine, Part 1

By Dan Campagnoli (Welcome Dan, as a researcher and writer for this blog.  Jim Watson and I agree that with what is laid out in this blog entry, you clearly win both of the prizes in our contest Aging science … Continue reading

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