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The epigenetic regulation of telomeres

This blog entry focuses on a specific aspect of telomere biology, the epigenetic regulation of telomeres as mediated by TERRA, a recently-discovered RNA. Most popular discussions related to telomeres and telomerase are still based on simplistic earlier models of telomerase … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease Update – March 2011

This is another of a series of blog posts relating to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). The earlier posts included New views of Alzheimer’s disease and new approaches to treating it, The social cost of Alzheimer’s disease and late-life dementia, Diet and … Continue reading

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Aging and diseases – video blog

Everyone knows that old age can lead to many diseases and problems.  And sooner or later one of those diseases or problems will kill everybody.    But, what exactly is the relationship of aging to diseases?  The question leads to surprisingly … Continue reading

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Radio interview on aging sciences

My colleague filmmaker Robert Kane Pappas and I spoke about the longevity sciences and their implications on The Power Hour Wednesday March 9.  The Power Hour with Joyce Riley is a syndicated radio program available nationally and internationally.   Advertising-free audio … Continue reading

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New name – same blog

As a belated second-birthday present, I am giving this blog a new name – Aging Sciences, as you can see in the header.   Starting now the latest blog entry will be available online at  Nothing is lost and all … Continue reading

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The many faces of mTOR and rapamycin

The intent of this blog entry is to present a sampler of recent research relating to the mTOR pathway and the effects of rapamycin, focusing on recent and longevity-related results not covered in previous blog entries. Background Of course mTOR … Continue reading

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Evolution and the prospect for much longer lifespans – video blog

A previous video blog entry has the message that we are already evolving to live longer.  But, does evolution set a limit on our lifespans, pre-ordain when we will die so to speak? Please see these videos for views of … Continue reading

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