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Human growth hormone treatment – a fountain of accelerated aging?

A group of well-intentioned people, mostly men, take human growth hormone (HGH) or an HGH promoter to stay young and fit and, they think, to live longer.  They are wrong in one important respect: injection of HGH or use of … Continue reading

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Epigenetics of cancer and aging

The 14th theory of aging described in my treatise is Programmed Epigenomic Changes.  But exactly what are the epigenomic changes and how do they work?  Much is still to be learned in this area but recent research is going a … Continue reading

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Additional 2010 research progress with induced pluripotent stem cells

Research related to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) is proceeding at warp speed.  I have posted multiple blog entries related to iPSCs, ten so far in 2010.  These are all listed in the November 2010 blog post Past blog postings … Continue reading

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Stochastic epigenetic evolution – a new and different theory of evolution, aging and disease susceptibility

In several earlier blog entries I have advocated the concept that social evolution is leading now to rapid biological evolution in humans, the entries including Social evolution and biological evolution – another dialog with Marios Kyriazis, and Social ethics of … Continue reading

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