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Age-related memory and brain functioning – focus on the hippocampus

Multiple factors are implicated in age-related physical brain changes and normal decline of memory and brain functioning.  Continuing research is clarifying the relationships among these factors with new insights coming into focus.  I report here on some of those relationships … Continue reading

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Call for associate researcher-writers

I intend to keep researching and writing interesting new entries for this blog.  And I would also like to see a greater frequency of blog entries to keep up with what is going on related to aging sciences.  To accomplish … Continue reading

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The 2011 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo – On the way to Personalized Predictive Preventative Participatory Medicine

I introduced the PPPPM concept a year ago in a blog post Harnessing the engines of finance and commerce for life-extension.   I wrote that post just after having attended the 2010 version of the 2010 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo.  … Continue reading

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Revisions to my dietary supplement firewall regimen

An important part of my treatise ANTI-AGING FIREWALLS – THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF LONGEVITY drafted in May 2008 has been the dietary supplement regimen. This post announces a new set of revisions to that regimen based on recent research … Continue reading

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PQQ – activator of PGC-1alpha, SIRT3 and mitochondrial biogenesis

By Vince Giuliano  Minor update July 12, 2013 Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), a redox cofactor available as a dietary supplement, appears to have at least three central biological effects with powerful downstream health and longevity consequences: it stimulates the generation of … Continue reading

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Personal protection against nuclear radioactive substances

The situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan is giving great urgency to the issue of personal protection against ionizing radiation.  This blog entry is about how a degree of personal protection against radiation damage can be achieved by … Continue reading

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