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Important recent research on cancer stem cells in lung cancers

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Worldwide, lung cancer is the most lethal malignancy, one responsible for more than 1.3 million deaths annually.  The deaths are most-often associated with rapid spread (metastasis) of the lung cancer to multiple other body organs.  Here, I review recent research … Continue reading

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Prostate cancer – epigenetic factors, the role of Nrf2, cancer stem cells and actions of phytochemicals

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By Vince Giuliano There have been several important research findings in recent years relating to prostate cancer, ones that are transforming our views of the disease process and offering hopes for powerful new preventative and curative therapies.  This blog entry … Continue reading

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Symposium on Cell Signaling, Inflammation and Aging

By Vince Giuliano I am an invited speaker at a symposium in Las Vegas June 5-6, on Cell Signaling, Inflammation and Aging sponsored by the Hawaii Institute of Molecular Education.  The symposium is open to the public without charge but … Continue reading

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Chronic rhinosinusitis, MRSA, biofilms and manuka honey

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By Vince Giuliano Longevity is the art of not dying.  This art in turn draws heavily on the various arts of staying well.  Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS), though not usually a life-threatening illness in itself, can not only compromise quality of … Continue reading

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New, emerging and potential treatments for cancers: Part 3 – selected less-known phytochemicals that have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine – focus on gambogic and gambogenic acids

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By Vince Giuliano This is the third post in a three-part series concerned with new, emerging and potential future treatments for cancers.  This Part 3 post relates to a vast and largely unknown area from the viewpoint of Western medicine.  … Continue reading

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