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Medical ghostwriting and dangerous misinformation

By Victor The August 2011 PLoS Medicine article, Legal Remedies for Medical Ghostwriting discusses legal approaches to combat the prevalent practice of published “academic” studies, which are actually ghostwritten at the behest of pharmaceutical companies.  That is right, in many … Continue reading

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Focus on bitter melon

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Bitter melon has antiviral, antimalerial, cardioprotective, and neuroprotective properties.  Bitter melon is potentially an important dietary tool for combating insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity.  This blog entry reviews the relevant research. Bitter melon (BM) is one of those strange-looking fruits … Continue reading

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Napping and Human Sleep

By Victor “Blue Zones” This is the name given by epidemiologists to places where people tend to have extraordinary lifespans.  Sardinia (an Italian island), Ikaria (a Greek island), Okinawa, the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica, and Loma Linda California are … Continue reading

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