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Sarcopenia – the Age-related Loss of Muscle Mass and Function – Part I: Pathways and factors

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By Victor, with contributions by Vince Giuliano Satellites in Muscle Part I It is well established that the maintenance of skeletal muscle mass contributes significantly to disease prevention and avoidance of falls and many other problems that degrade quality of … Continue reading

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Epigenetic Mechanisms of Long-term Memory

By Victor We all know that we are able to store sensory experiences for later recall; in a very real sense, collection of memories acquired during life represents our personal identity.  However, the neuroscience of memory formation is still in … Continue reading

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Circadian Regulation, NMN, Preventing Diabetes, and Longevity

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By Victor Circadian Regulation is a fascinating topic with ties to many issues involved in antiaging research, including the regulation of stem cell populations.(See The circadian molecular clock creates epidermal stem cell heterogeneity, Biological Clock Controls Activation of Skin Stem … Continue reading

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Alternate-day Fasting – a better alternative

By Victor For humans who wish to live long lives, alternative-day fasting may be a better approach than following a restricted calorie diet.  The approach avoids premature induction of frailty most likely by periodically inhibiting myogenesis which encourages replenishment of … Continue reading

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Mechanisms and Effects of Dietary Restriction

By Victor In 1934, researchers at Cornell University discovered that laboratory rats fed a severely restricted diet lived up to twice as long as those fed a regular diet.  Subsequent research has confirmed the health and longevity benefits of dietary … Continue reading

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End of the free radical theory of aging and negative consequences of indiscriminante antioxidant supplementation

By Victor Most popular discussions of antioxidants are based on an outdated view of free radicals as evil, toxic compounds, ones which cause chain reactions of destructive damage culminating in degenerative diseases and aging.  Research in recent years has revealed … Continue reading

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Medical ghostwriting and dangerous misinformation

By Victor The August 2011 PLoS Medicine article, Legal Remedies for Medical Ghostwriting discusses legal approaches to combat the prevalent practice of published “academic” studies, which are actually ghostwritten at the behest of pharmaceutical companies.  That is right, in many … Continue reading

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Napping and Human Sleep

By Victor “Blue Zones” This is the name given by epidemiologists to places where people tend to have extraordinary lifespans.  Sardinia (an Italian island), Ikaria (a Greek island), Okinawa, the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica, and Loma Linda California are … Continue reading

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Kinase Inhibition – A Magic Bullet?

By Victor Protein kinases are enzymes which transfer phosphate groups from donors such as ATP to proteins in a process call “phosphorylation”. This process is usually reversible; phosphatases are the enzymes which “dephosphorylate” or remove phosphate groups from proteins. Each … Continue reading

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CETP, a Longevity Buffering Mechanism

By Victor One of the paradoxes of longevity research has been the observation that persons of exceptional longevity actually have more disease-related genes in their genome than ordinary people.  Intuitively, one would expect just the opposite, that the lack of … Continue reading

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