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p53 and Longevity

By Victor Since its discovery in 1979, p53 has never stopped surprising researchers. For a decade, it was thought to be an oncogene (a gene that causes cancer). In 1989, it was found to have the opposite role of suppressing … Continue reading

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Living on the Brink of Chaos

Normal, healthy, physiological processes are regulated by a complex interplay of numerous, neuroendocrinal signaling pathways. Although there are many intermediary signaling events, the fundamental purpose of most signaling pathways is the transfer of regulatory information to and from the central … Continue reading

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Longevity and the GH–IGF Axis

(Expanded version 5/9/2011) In animal models of longevity, two interventions have consistently been shown to increase lifespan, caloric restriction and suppression of the GH-IGF1-Insulin axis. It is not possible to merely dismiss animal studies, saying that humans are somehow different, … Continue reading

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Brown Adipose Tissue – and Modern Ambient Conditions

By Victor  Recent scientific research suggests that modern ambient living conditions may be an important factor in the worldwide obesity epidemic. One reason for this is related to brown adipose tissue (BAT). Brown fat tissue or BAT has the opposite … Continue reading

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