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Sestrins, longevity and cancers

A recent research report indicates that sestrin proteins can inhibit age-related pathologies in fruit flies and contribute to their longevity.  The genes and biological pathways involved exist also in humans.  This blog post reviews what the sestrin genes are, what … Continue reading

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BDNF gene – personality, mental balance, dementia, aging and epigenomic imprinting

BDNF stands for brain-derived neurotrophic factor, the protein generated by the BDNF gene, a substance that has been drawing a lot of attention recently in neuropsychiatric research circles.  I review some basic facts about BDNF here, recent research on how … Continue reading

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DNA repair cleanup failure – a root cause for cancers?

New research suggests that the answer to the question is quite possibly.  This is a rather technial subject and I will get into it in stages.  Finally, I speculate a little on the possible importance of the new research. Repair … Continue reading

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