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ALD and lentivirus vectors for gene therapy

Gene therapy – the substituting of inherited defective genes with good ones – does not have an outstanding success record but now is getting off the ground.  As pointed out in an editorial in the Nov 6 2009 issue of … Continue reading

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Vitamin D – don’t fall for it

Falling is one of the major causes of debilitation and accelerated death among the elderly.  Older as well as recent research indicates that old folks in and out of nursing homes who take regular Vitamin D supplements fall a lot … Continue reading

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Spinal cord injury pain – a personal story and a new paradigm

Chronic nagging back pain can result from spinal cord injury (SCI) and can lead to pain in other parts of the body that are in fact not injured.  It can be very difficult to diagnose and a person suffering from … Continue reading

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DNA demethylation – a new way of coming at cancers

I got into this topic indirectly, starting out by researching what is known about DNA demethylation in response to a comment by Res on my blog post Homicide by DNA methylation.  I found a great deal of interesting material related … Continue reading

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