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Setting the record straight on three favorite approaches to longevity

At least three approaches to human longevity that have been discussed multiple times in this blog appear to be in trouble or the subject of controversy between groups of scientists: 1.  generation and use of effective and reliable induced pluripotent stem … Continue reading

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Believing news reports and scientific publications

How do we know if something we read about longevity is so?  This post is stimulated by the previous blog entry Another piece of DAF-16 research.  I list a few comments having to do with the creditability of longevity research … Continue reading

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Another piece of DAF-16 research

Some of the popular media touted new April 2010 research as heralding the discovery of a new gene(e.g., AOL news(ref)), but what the new piece of research does is only add another perspective to a long-developing story on how the … Continue reading

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What are aging, life-extension and anti-aging?

This blog entry is intended to clarify what aging, life extension and anti-aging are about.  It suggests a new way of looking at the theories of aging in my treatise ANTI-AGING FIREWALLS THE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF LONGEVITY. It is … Continue reading

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