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New theory of aging

The update of my online treatise  Anti-Aging Firewalls – The Science And Technology Of Longevity mentioned in my last blog post has been completed and I expect to return to generating regular almost-daily blog entries tomorrow.  I believe the new … Continue reading

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What I am up to

I am taking a break from new blog postings for a few days and focusing on an update of my Anti-Aging Firewalls treatise, particularly on a comprehensive re-formulation of the 14th theory of aging.  Where the theory was Decline in … Continue reading

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More mTOR links to aging theories

In my May 2009 blog post Longevity genes, mTOR and lifespan, I discussed the mTOR signaling pathway in mammals, its role in diseases, the relationship of mTOR to mitochondrial activity and how inhibiting mTOR could conceivably be a strategy for … Continue reading

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Blueberries and health – the research case

In a July blog post Warding off Alzheimer’s Disease and things in my diet, I talked about My usual breakfast: a sugar-free bran cereal with blueberries, walnuts and a sliced half-banana.  I cited research on the health benefits of the … Continue reading

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Longevity – deadly for defined benefit pension plans

Defined-benefit pension plans (DBPPs) are ones that pay out a fixed monthly amount for the life of the pensioner, possibly with a cost-of-living adjustment for inflation.  Social Security in the US is a prime example.  There are thousands of other … Continue reading

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The blood-brain barrier and triple quadrupole mass spectrometry

A major impediment to developing drugs that affect the brain, such as new treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease, Meningitis , Epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple sclerosis, has been determining whether and how effectively a drug substance can cross the blood-brain barrier … Continue reading

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