Longevity gods and goddesses – old and new

If you want to live a very long life and are tired of the highly technical stuff in this blog, you might want to appeal to one of the traditional longevity gods or goddesses.  Some of these gods and goddesses, courtesy of the Encyclopedia Mythica website are:

1.   Fukurokuju 

Mar 12, 1997 The Japanese Shinto god of wisdom, luck and longevity. He is one of the seven gods of luck (the Shichi Fukujin). He is depicted with a very
www.pantheon.org/articles/f/fukurokuju.html – Similar

2.   Gama 

Mar 13, 1997 The Japanese god of longevity. He is portrayed as a cheerful old man riding a stag. In his hands he holds a scroll full of secret wisdom.
www.pantheon.org/articles/g/gama.html – Similar

3.   Djambu Baros 

The longevity and fortunes of each unborn child depend upon what the tondi is able to obtain for its future being. Article details: N/A. Page tools:
www.pantheon.org/articles/d/djambu_baros.html – Similar

4.   Shou-xing 

Jan 16, 2004 His name means ‘Star of Longevity‘, and he has an enormously high bald head. He supports himself on a knotty staff.
www.pantheon.org/articles/s/shou-xing.html – Similar

5.   Atira 

She is also Mother Corn and the leader of the Hako ceremony, which is for children, longevity, abundance, and happiness. The Pawnee, Nebraska.
www.pantheon.org/articles/a/atira.html – Similar

6.   Peng-zi 

Dec 27, 1998 A figure in Chinese mythology that represents longevity. Legend states that he was born during the Han Dynasty and by the end of the Yin
www.pantheon.org/articles/p/peng-zi.html – Similar

7.   San-xing 

Mar 31, 1997 the special merits they accumulated. The san-hsing are: Fu-xing (Lucky Star), Lu-xing (Star of Honor) and Shou-xing (Star of Longevity).
www.pantheon.org/articles/s/san-xing.html – Similar

8.   Shou-lao 

Mar 31, 1997 Shou-lao is the popular name of Shou-xing, the stellar deity of longevity. He is usually portrayed with an enormous head, carrying a long
www.pantheon.org/articles/s/shou-lao.html – Similar

9.   Heammawihio 

Jan 15, 2005 teaching them to make arrow points, knives, bows and arrows, how to hunt, and to make fire. He is invoked for longevity, good health …
www.pantheon.org/articles/h/heammawihio.html – Similar

10.       Pancaraksa 

Nov 6, 2004 A group of five Buddhist goddesses who were invoked to grant longevity and to protect villages or areas.
www.pantheon.org/articles/p/pancaraksa.html – Similar

11.                    Jurojin 

Mar 17, 1997 The Japanese Shinto god of longevity and a happy old age. He is one of the Shichi Fukujin, the seven gods of luck. Jurojin is accompanied by
www.pantheon.org/articles/j/jurojin.html – Similar

If you do appeal to one of these gods for longevity, please let me and the readers of this blog know how it works out.   

If you are interested in some newer longevity-related gods and goddesses, mainly ones to avoid or appease, you can try these: 

1.   Roxxi-Dantiana

Goddess of rust, decay and preservation. Worship her at temples like the Vitamin Shoppe. 

2.   Dnagalurth

Presides over and protects the essence of continuing life.  A very powerful god whose existence has been long concealed. 

3.   Mightykondrian 

God presiding over all energy resources.  You had better pay homage to him if you want to keep your lights on.  

4.   Glycatia

When angry, she can cook you from the inside.  And she gets mad when you do not follow her dietary laws. 

5.   Lipsthickfussia

Goddess of black gunk, demands respect, following cleansing rituals. 

6.   Conflagratamus

When angry, he can consume you with internal fires.  Requires dietary sacrifices to appease him. 

7.   Immcomoron

When not appeased, he can overwhelm any defenses you may have.  Best to pay attention to him. 

8.   Neuroblastus

Stops you from feeling or thinking straight when angered.  God of pain and confusion, requires respect, paying homage. 

9.   Whoremonia

She drains your vital juices unless sacrifices are made to her.  Demands more as you get older.  Can sap your masculinity. 

10.               Onkosukkaris

Easily-angered and heavily-worshipped god that can eat out your insides without you even noticing it at first.  Has his own laws and little respect for late converts. 

11.               Vascocardus

If not thoroughly appeased beforehand, can strike you suddenly dead any time.  This god is angry at how most of us live but leaves those of us who follow the proper rituals mostly alone. 

12.               Telamoranicus

Timekeeper of life.  Extensions may be available, possibly. 

13.               Destinus-rei-determanitus

Manages the great program of life and death.  A very difficult god to reach and not always reasonable. Rituals involve much mumbo-jumbo. 

14.               Selluratus Steminicus Rompatus

God of the essence of life and the cycles of renewal.  May respond to worship but has so-far been largely aloof.  Time will tell.

Of course these gods are my theories of aging, and you can find out more about any of them by clicking on the god’s name above.


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