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Avoidance Magazine stories

It is time for a bit of humor.  I receive several advertiser-supported health, longevity and vitamin-promoting magazines in the mail.  I am not sure why they are getting sent to me since I don’t pay for them.  I usually have … Continue reading

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Diet and cognition

I set out two days ago to see what updated research I could find on diet and cognition.  I found a bewildering array of items, some somewhat contradictory.  It has been a cognitive challenge to make sense of them, especially … Continue reading

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Personalized medicine and genetic drug interactions – another long way to go

One hope for personalized medicine is that individuals would have their major gene variations profiled and that drug interactions with critical genes would also be profiled.  Thus, a person with a particular disease could determine whether a particular drug is … Continue reading

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The micronutrient triage theory of aging

My anti-aging firewalls treatise characterizes 14 major theories of aging and 6 additional “candidate” theories of aging.  Up until yesterday and I thought I had come to the end of the line with respect to new aging theories.  However my blog … Continue reading

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Getting skinny from brown fat

In the last 2-3 years there is has been a lot of excitement in research circles about brown adipose tissue, in other words, brown fat.  Brown fat, long known to exist plentifully in babies and rodents, is rich in turned-on … Continue reading

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Bacillus polyfermenticus – not just for mice

If you have pet mice suffering from colitis, the probiotic Bacillus Polyfermenticus can help them recover from it according to a 2009 study(ref).  “Mice treated with B. polyfermenticus during the non-inflammatory period of the disease had reduced rectal bleeding, their … Continue reading

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