Policy regarding advertising and promotion in blog comments

I have recently been finding and removing blog comments that are irrelevant to the posting they are associated with and that appear to be thinly-disguised advertising for specific commercial health products or services.  Further, those comments say nothing about the science related to the product or service promoted.  

I ask users not to post such comments and I will remove any I come across.

This is a non-commercial science-oriented blog.  Given the growing readership for this blog, I could probably realize a significant revenue stream from advertising.  However, I have decided to keep the blog non-commercial and that includes comments. This is not about the value of any product or service. It is about the integrity of the blog as a vehicle for scientific communication.

I will, however consider comments responsibly addressing the science behind specific products or services on a case-by-case basis.  I will not consider comments that dismiss the science, for example, by saying “our product strengthens the immune system,” or “supports mitochondrial health”without saying how it does that and citing supporting research literature publications as I do in my blog entries. 

And for the vast majority of you who have generated useful and interesting comments, thank you.


About Vince Giuliano

Being a follower, connoisseur, and interpreter of longevity research is my latest career, since 2007. I believe I am unique among the researchers and writers in the aging sciences community in one critical respect. That is, I personally practice the anti-aging interventions that I preach and that has kept me healthy, young, active and highly involved at my age, now 93. I am as productive as I was at age 45. I don’t know of anybody else active in that community in my age bracket. In particular, I have focused on the importance of controlling chronic inflammation for healthy aging, and have written a number of articles on that subject in this blog. In 2014, I created a dietary supplement to further this objective. In 2019, two family colleagues and I started up Synergy Bioherbals, a dietary supplement company that is now selling this product. In earlier reincarnations of my career. I was Founding Dean of a graduate school and a full University Professor at the State University of New York, a senior consultant working in a variety of fields at Arthur D. Little, Inc., Chief Scientist and C00 of Mirror Systems, a software company, and an international Internet consultant. I got off the ground with one of the earliest PhD's from Harvard in a field later to become known as computer science. Because there was no academic field of computer science at the time, to get through I had to qualify myself in hard sciences, so my studies focused heavily on quantum physics. In various ways I contributed to the Computer Revolution starting in the 1950s and the Internet Revolution starting in the late 1980s. I am now engaged in doing the same for The Longevity Revolution. I have published something like 200 books and papers as well as over 430 substantive.entries in this blog, and have enjoyed various periods of notoriety. If you do a Google search on Vincent E. Giuliano, most if not all of the entries on the first few pages that come up will be ones relating to me. I have a general writings site at www.vincegiuliano.com and an extensive site of my art at www.giulianoart.com. Please note that I have recently changed my mailbox to vegiuliano@agingsciences.com.
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12 Responses to Policy regarding advertising and promotion in blog comments

  1. Richard Rossi says:

    Vince…I breeze through here once in awhile looking for LX information, as I do for many sites, and have always been highly impressed by the amount of thought and serious science you put into your blog. I think your position is admirable.

  2. admin says:

    Richard Rossi

    Thank you and thank you again. It is comments like this that inspire me and keep me going – so you are contributing to what I do.


  3. Jeff says:

    I was wandering if you are still experiencing hair growth or thickening from Astragaloside 4?Which product are you using?I can only seem to find Cycloastragenol now thx

  4. admin says:


    I have stopped taking astrogaloside about a year ago and switched to a moderate dose of cycloastragenol. In revent months I have significantly cooled on taking this supplement as well and only do it some days now. What has cooled me is learning more and more about the incredible complexities connected with telomere lengths and how natural mechanisms are likely to override the effects of telomerase activation for normal non immune-comprimised people. See these October 2010 blog entries * Telomere lengths, Part 3: Selected current research on telomere-related signaling, * Telomere lengths, Part 2: Lifestyle, dietary, and other factors associated with telomere shortening and lengthening, * Telomere lengths, Part 1: Telomere lengths, cancers and disease processes,


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  6. Internet must be kept clean, and removing irrelevant comments is the very first step, I appreciate your efforts for regularly updating this blog as it has been very useful for us.

  7. Usha rajagopal

    I agree, and thanks. Sometimes a comment points to a site which is both advertorial and informative in nature and I have to make a close call as to whether to remove it or not.


  8. comments which are not related to the blog should be junked, it only clutters everything. there are some methods though you can use to filter them out.

  9. Best anti aging creams:

    I agree with you and strive to do that. I review all comments. There are some difficult borderlines situations, however. If a user writes something like “I have been getting a lot of energy using Dr. Zigby’s KRB-1 formula which is known to upgrade expression of PGC-1alpha,” I don’t know if it is an advertorial statement or legitimate user experience. I also don’t know if the substance in fact does upgrade PGC-1alpha expression. And finding out may be very difficult because there may be no published research on the topic. So I sometimes do allow comments like that to remain posted. Please give me heads up if you see anything too objectionable that got by me. And thanks for caring.


  10. i guess there should be guide lines about this advertisements, or you can also screen it out by using some filters.

  11. anti aging says:

    many are using blogs to optimize certain websites that is why you commonly notice irrelevant comments.

  12. Anti aging:
    Right. I try to delete clearly irrelevant comments but tend to leave ones that could be sincere. Sometimes the call is close.


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