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Since 2010, Melody Winnig has been researching the rich culture of medicinal plant traditions and how current scientific studies can support use of plant-based substances for health and longevity. Her current major interest is in how the scientific research on phytosubstances can be integrated into health policy both in the U.S. and in developing countries. Melody Winnig has a Masters Degree in Information Science from the State University of New York. Melody co-founded the Orange Corporation, a consultancy focused on supporting health professionals to address the needs of diverse & marginalized populations. She has also worked on database projects for USAID in Egypt. As a partner in The Electronic Publishing Group she has worked on internet consulting projects in Spain, numerous Latin American countries and within the U.S. In her free time she studies Afro-Haitian and Afro-Cuban dance and she paints, her art being at

PLANT COMMUNICATIONS By Melody Winnig and Vince Giuliano Plants are far from being deaf and dumb.  We think this blog may help convince you that they are smart, listen carefully and are highly expressive. The topic of this blog is … Continue reading

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