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Thoughts of a lucky soldier – or is it just luck?

I often feel like a lucky soldier participating in a long and deadly battle, a soldier whose closest comrades and friends are constantly being wounded or killed.  The battle, of course, is against the ravages of old age and the … Continue reading

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Re-creating Neanderthals among us

This news item is retro rather than forward looking, being concerned with life re-creation rather than life extension.  Life-extension may pose ethical problems, but how about bringing an extinct near-human species back to life?  German scientists have finished identifying the … Continue reading

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Oxidative damage and mitochondrial health

A well-written article relating mitochondrial health to the use of antioxidants and can be found here.  Mitochondria are particularly susceptible to oxidative damage and such damage is implicated in many debilitating conditions including  cardiovascular disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, … Continue reading

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Oxidative damage – cause or effect?

A reported study about free radicals is radical in its conclusions.  The study was based on disabling five genes in mutant Caenorhabditis elegans worms.  The study’s authors suggest that damage due to free radicals may not be a cause of … Continue reading

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Melanoma and stress

Stress may increase the rate of progression of the most malignant form of melanoma, according to a report on a study conducted in New Zeeland of 1600 people diagnosed with that disease.  Small wonder given what we know about stress … Continue reading

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