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Stem cell differentiation and nanotubes

I have been quite skeptical of futuristic claims about how nanotechnology will enable immortality.  Specifically, the idea of intelligent nanorobots swimming around freely in my bloodstream diagnosing diseases and repairing cells seems too far off in the future for me … Continue reading

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You may be able to keep your telomeres long

One of the areas of research I track carefully is that related to the Telomere shortening theory of aging.  You will recall that telomeres are like shoestring caps, inert sequences of DNA at the end of chromosomes.   Telomeres provide stability … Continue reading

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Engines of longevity research

Powerful behind-the-scenes engines are increasing the scientific knowledge base related to longevity at an ever-increasing pace. For example, the following bulleted items are drawn from articles in the February 1, 2009 issue of GEN: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, a … Continue reading

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Polygamy helps men live longer

News items constantly appear that attribute longevity to all kinds of causal factors.  Broccoli, cumquat  and Acai berry diet, anybody?  Here is one factor that can stir up the hornet’s nest. A recent research study indicates that polygamist men live … Continue reading

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Brain fitness, Google and comprehending longevity

Computer-assisted brain fitness seems to be one of the in-vogue topics when it comes to longevity.  There is a genre of “brain fitness software” that is designed to exercise and maintain the memory and mental agility of older folks.  An … Continue reading

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Everything relates to everything else – at least in the science of longevity

I have buried myself in the biomolecular/genetics/medical research literature during the last week, driving myself somewhat nuts in the process.  My original objective was to research what is known now relating to autoimmune diseases and possible molecular therapies for them.  … Continue reading

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Rats who talk on cell phones should take Melatonin

Going through my research archives I came across this item from a few months back based on a study performed on Wistar rats exposed to microwave radiation.  “Conclusion: We demonstrated two important findings; that mobile phones caused oxidative damage biochemically … Continue reading

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From four-pound hammer to smart molecules – on cancer treatments

You can kill house flies by hitting them with a four-pound hammer.  Often you will miss so you have to keep smashing to get a single fly.  The collateral damage to the inside of your home can be very serious, … Continue reading

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Anti-aging lifestyle regimen

I have added a new Section to my Anti-Aging Firewalls treatise yesterday that pulls together all the lifestyle recommendations for longevity that were previously only scattered through the document.  And I added a few more lifestyle tips in the process.  … Continue reading

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