Draft of American Aging Society Presentation – Towards a Systems Theory of Aging.

I have finished drafting the Power Point presentation for the Society’s 39th annual meeting in Portland Oregon early next month.   I am still polishing up the presentation, fixing mysteriously broken links, adding citations, etc., but I have put it online where it can be previewed by my readers at Towards a Systems Theory of Aging.  The conclusion of the presentation is “The two theories Programmed epigenomic changes and Decline in functioning of the stem cell supply chain are complimentary and equivalent and reflect cutting-edge developments in molecular and cell biology and genomics.  They have the potential for providing a framework for an overall systems view of aging that knits together a large collection of traditional special theories of aging.”  Expect minor changes and improvements between now and the time of the conference. 

With this done, I am happily getting back to my regular blogging activities.  As always, any and all comments are most welcome.

About Vince Giuliano

Being a follower, connoisseur, and interpreter of longevity research is my latest career, since 2007. I believe I am unique among the researchers and writers in the aging sciences community in one critical respect. That is, I personally practice the anti-aging interventions that I preach and that has kept me healthy, young, active and highly involved at my age, now 93. I am as productive as I was at age 45. I don’t know of anybody else active in that community in my age bracket. In particular, I have focused on the importance of controlling chronic inflammation for healthy aging, and have written a number of articles on that subject in this blog. In 2014, I created a dietary supplement to further this objective. In 2019, two family colleagues and I started up Synergy Bioherbals, a dietary supplement company that is now selling this product. In earlier reincarnations of my career. I was Founding Dean of a graduate school and a full University Professor at the State University of New York, a senior consultant working in a variety of fields at Arthur D. Little, Inc., Chief Scientist and C00 of Mirror Systems, a software company, and an international Internet consultant. I got off the ground with one of the earliest PhD's from Harvard in a field later to become known as computer science. Because there was no academic field of computer science at the time, to get through I had to qualify myself in hard sciences, so my studies focused heavily on quantum physics. In various ways I contributed to the Computer Revolution starting in the 1950s and the Internet Revolution starting in the late 1980s. I am now engaged in doing the same for The Longevity Revolution. I have published something like 200 books and papers as well as over 430 substantive.entries in this blog, and have enjoyed various periods of notoriety. If you do a Google search on Vincent E. Giuliano, most if not all of the entries on the first few pages that come up will be ones relating to me. I have a general writings site at www.vincegiuliano.com and an extensive site of my art at www.giulianoart.com. Please note that I have recently changed my mailbox to vegiuliano@agingsciences.com.
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7 Responses to Draft of American Aging Society Presentation – Towards a Systems Theory of Aging.

  1. Nick Dedidis says:

    For some reason my pc does not show the presentation properly.Is there a possibility that you somehow upload the presentation file for us to download and view? thank you in advance.

  2. AB says:

    I look forward to understanding your systems theory of aging. This is new and exciting to me. (so is your blog which I just found and quoted in a community forum on 23andme recently).

    I don’t know if your systems theory is going to mean the same thing I mean when I say it. I have said for years that we need to look at our body through the lens of systems theory rather than the cartesian method doctors use. I learned through my own experiments on my body that if I kickstart healing in one place, even if a cause is unknown, by following what happens, I can learn how to treat it and heal. If I inadvertently heal something I didn’t even know was not well, it will assist something else in getting better and the domino effect kicks in.

    I stopped niacinamide because of what I read here the other day. Do you have time to answer this: should I stop the niacinamide cream for my face also?

    Thanks so much for this blog. Incredible. Way beyond my comprehension many times and it makes me stretch and I like that.

  3. jeg3 says:

    Hi Vince,

    Nice presentation, a lot of technical details. Two comments:

    1. Slide 2 – “Aging” and “www.vince…” overlap

    2. Slide 20 – the summary is very brief for such a technical presentation, you may want to expand it in less technical terms than the rest of the Slides, and also tie it into Slide 5 (“the theories are highly interrelated”).

    Good luck, and wish I was going.

  4. admin says:


    Yes, I think I mean the same thing you do when I talk about a systems theory. And what you say about healing something leads something else to be healed is profound. As to the nicotinamide face cream, I would like to do some further research before I comment. Thanks for your great complements.


  5. admin says:

    Thanks for your suggestions. I will certainly take them into account in the next round of editing. The problem in slide 2 may be a screen resolution one. I will check.

  6. admin says:

    Nick Dedidis
    Thanks for your observation.

    The Powerpoint presentation in HTML was automatically generated by the Powerpoint program. Your problem reading it is probably associated with the browser and screen settings you are using. The presentation shows fine using Internet Explorer at low screen resolution 800 by 600 pixels. I will be experimenting with versions to see if they work at higher screen resolutions.

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