Past blog postings on stem cells and epigenomics

Whether a variant of the longevity proposal in the recent blog post Closing the loop in the stem cell supply chain – presented graphically will come to fruition will depend critically on research progress related to pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and adult stem cells.  This post provides a listing of earlier blog posts covering topics in stem cell research and epigenetics broadly relevant to that longevity proposal.

The posts are listed in reverse order of date.

·        Interesting recent stem cell research (November 2010)

·        A breakthrough in producing high-fidelity induced pluripotent stem cells (October 2010)

·        Induced pluripotent stem cells – developments on the road to big-time utilization (July 2010)

·        A near-term application for iPSCs – making cell lines for drug testing (June 2010)

·        Induced pluripotent stem cells – second-rate stem cells so far (April 2010)

·        DNA Methyltransferases, stem cell proliferation and differentiation (April 2010)

·        Epigenetics going mainstream (February 2010)

·        IPSCs, telomerase, and closing the loop in the stem cell supply chain (February 2010)

·        Direct cell reprogramming (January 2010)

·        Important new mesenchymal stem cell therapies (January 2010)

·        Progress in closing the stem cell supply chain loop (January 2010)

·        DNA demethylation (November 2009)

·        It’s a long  way to stem cell treatment (Novenber 2009)

·        “Footprint-free” iPSCs – and a crazy wager offer (October 2009)

·        Homicide by DNA methylation (October 2009)

·        Who is doing gene reprogramming? (October 2009)

·        The stem cell supply chain – closing the loop for very long lives (September 2009)

·        An emerging new view of aging – the stem cell supply chain (August 2009) 

·        Treating genetic diseases with corrected induced pluripotent stem cells (August 2009)

·        Research evidence for the Decline In Adult Stem Cell Differentiation theory of aging (July 2009)

·        Hair stem cells (July 2009)

·        On cancer stem cells (July 2009)

·        Embryonic Stem cell research news (July 2009)

·        Dental Pulp Stem Cells – the big needle vs the tooth fairy (June 2009)

·        Update on induced pluripotent stem cells (June 2009)

·        Inflammation, cancer and stem cells in autoimmune diseases (June 2009)

·        Simple but powerful non-invasive adult stem cell cures (June 2009)

·        Epigenomic complexity (June 2009)

·        Histone acetylase and deacetylase inhibitors (May 2009)

·        State of autologous stem cell therapies (May 2009)

·        Trojan-horse stem cells might offer an important new cancer therapy (May 2009)

·        Gene therapy for fruit flies with Parkinson’s Disease (May 2009)

·        The new omics and longevity research (April 2009)

·        Rebooting cells and longevity (March 2009)

·        DNA methylation, personalized medicine and longevity (March 2009)

·        Epigenetics, epigenomics and aging (February 2009)

·        Protein origami and aging (February 2009)

·        Stem cell differentiation and nanotubes (February 2009)

Also relevant are discussions of theories of aging in my treatise:

·        Stem Cell Supply Chain Breakdown

·        Programmed Epigenomic Changes

If you want to learn more you can review stem cell basics here.

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