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Impact on longevity of older men being with younger women and frequent sexual intercourse

One of the headlines this week describing a population study in Denmark reads:  “Men’s key to longevity: have sex with younger women: Study.”  Another headline reporting on the same study reads “Daily sex with woman 15 yrs younger cuts death … Continue reading

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Longevity – the sad personal side of it

Pushing on 80 I am still quite young compared to my intended target age.  But I am already experiencing a major downside of longevity – and that is experiencing the sadness of death or debilitating illness of dear relatives and … Continue reading

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Unlocking Longevity

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By Vince Giuliano 9-27 -2023 Preface and a personal note In April of this year, I experienced a breakthrough in understanding human aging.  This was a key event for me, coming after 15 years of full-time study and writing 600 … Continue reading

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Healthy, active and productive till 100. Laying out the Adult Aging Process, a Breakthrough and my Personal Story

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By Vince Giuliano The causal chain of events leading to advanced human aging has only been clarified very recently.  A key step in this causal chain is systemic inflammation leading to accelerated epigenetic aging.  In reports of other researcher and … Continue reading

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PRACTICAL INTERVENTIONS FOR YOUNGING1.0 – Introduction to the series

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By Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss INTRODUCTION This blog entry serves as an Introduction to a planned series of blog entries focused on interventions for maintaining a healthy state while aging and initiating natural processes for reversal of aging – … Continue reading

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Funny Things Are Happening To Me On The Way To 100

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This is a highly personal blog entry, generally light in its approach but containing some relevant scientific content.  It raconteurs a variety of topics, and is intended to provide context and information about me for blog readers.  It is especially … Continue reading

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“Start with the impossible. Proceed calmly towards the improbable. No worry, there are at least five exits.” —Father Daniel Berrigan By Vince Giuliano 4/11/19  This blog entry is about my ideas about my personal health and longevity. It is not … Continue reading

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The evolving narrative and social transformation of aging – Part 1: Important issues confronting the world associated with aging populations

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  By Vince Giuliano, Melody Winnig and Michael Giuliano How do you imagine growing old? Do you have the narrative that you dread becoming like the uncle who spent 5 years painfully wasting away with cancer? Or the mother who … Continue reading

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The reputation of aging in ancient and current mythology

Why the pursuit of anti-aging science?  I take a short break from science in this blog entry and look at myths about aging and how aging is viewed in popular folklore – ancient and current.  These myths are important because … Continue reading

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Joy and sadness of aging – and the impacts of longevity

This blog post is philosophical rather than scientific in its thrust, having to do with what successful aging consists of, including successful passing away.  Aging offers certain benefits – as long as you don’t age so much that you get … Continue reading

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