PRACTICAL INTERVENTIONS FOR YOUNGING1.0 – Introduction to the series

By Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss


This blog entry serves as an Introduction to a planned series of blog entries focused on interventions for maintaining a healthy state while aging and initiating natural processes for reversal of aging – what we have called YOUNGING1.0 in a series of previous blog entries.

State of longevity interventions that promote YOUNGING 1.0

The efficacy of longevity interventions can and has been studied in small animal models, but is unknown for humans.  Because we humans live so long, It will take a very large 50 year longitudinal study similar to the Framingham Heart Study or the Nurses’ Health Study 1,2 and 3 for us to be able to definitively document “best” protocols of longevity interventions in terms of efficacy, ease of pursuit, and costs.  That is, if there actually exists a clear set of “best” protocols for everybody.  It may well be the case that individual differences should continue to dictate individual protocols.  Such a study may not produce useful predictive results until its 10th year.  So we are stuck with a situation where there is no standard accepted protocol of interventions for promoting longevity.  Rather, the choice of wellness and longevity-promoting interventions tends to be quite different for every individual pursuing or recommending them.  So, any recommendations in this blog series represent our opinions, Steve’s and Vince’s.  As time goes on we should have more complete experimental evidence of the longevity impacts of interventions on small animals to guide us.  But now we have to often go on the basis of quite incomplete evidence.  This includes choices based on scientific knowledge of mechanisms, feelings and personal experience from employing the interventions, anecdotal experience of others, and commercial hype.

Interventions we plan to cover further in this blog series

A substantial number of known interventions induce health benefits, and to varying extents are thought to promote human longevity.  They also activate the expression of the histone deacetylase JDJM3, indicating that they fall under the umbrella of age-reversal which we have called YOUNGING1.0 in recent blog entries.  There are so many of these and so much to be said about each one, that we have chosen to cover the most important ones in a series of blog entries.  The current blog entry serves as an introduction to that series.  The interventions we plan to cover in the series are:

  1. Red and near-infrared light biomodulation, the subject treated in the following Part 1 blog entry, to be published together with this one.
  2. Dietary supplements which activate the expression of JDJM3 and also control and limit chronic inflammation. Vince will generate this.
  3. VARIOXIA. Induction of variations in systemic oxygen levels.  Steve Buss has been pursuing this intervention personally, knows more about it, and will be creating the blog entry for it.
  4. Infusions of umbilical cord blood plasma. Vince has experienced this intervention, has assembled and studied literature citations relating to it, and will generate a blog entry on it soon.
  5. VAGUS nerve stimulation, electrical or physical, including applications of the Inflammatory Reflex. Steve has particularly focused on this topic and will generate  a blog entry for it.
  6. Criteria for picking these particular interventions:

These interventions meet the following criteria for our treatment in the immediate future

  • The interventions have been extensively researched and are well-known to produce multiple health as well as possible longevity impacts.
  • The biomolecular pathways through which they operate are fairly well understood
  • Each of them activates JDJM3 and therefore falls under the scope of interventions for what we have described as YOUNGING1.0.
  • The interventions are not as well known and familiar as the “of course” ones like good diet, dietary restriction and systematic exercise
  • there exists a significant community of dedicated people that have been pursuing each type of intervention
  • The interventions have been sufficiently practiced that we are quite sure how they can be administered so that they are safe and do no harm.
  • The interventions are practical and can be pursued affordably now at home without access to expensive high-technology equipment or special laboratory access or medical expertise.
  • Each of the interventions have been and are still being pursued by one or both of us authors, Steve and Vince. And, in so far as we can tell have been producing important personal benefits for us,  We are able to relate direct personal experience with them

Additional relevant interventions

To be clear, there are numerous additional interventions which promote YOUNGING1.0, some of which are both efficacious and important components of any total personal longevity intervention protocol: exercise, good diet and dietary restriction are primary among these.  Also worth consideration are activation of heat shock and cold shock proteins, additional forms of mitochondrial perturbations, and hormetic doses of radiation at various frequencies and hormetic doses of many toxic substances such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide.  Some of these have been discussed extensively in the popular literature, and others have been treated previously in this blog.  See for example Jim Watson’s 2013 blog entry The Hormesis Bars.  We may post additional information to YOUNGING 1.0 on these topics as we further assess their importance.


For each of the four interventions covered, in the appropriate blog entry we will characterize:

  • Known health and longevity benefits,
  • the biomolecular pathways through which the intervention operates, and how these explain the known health and longevity benefits
  • The major administration options which can be pursued for the intervention. for example the main equipment and options connected with photobiomodulation are described in the forthcoming Part 1 entry.  And we will identify the associated personal investment requirement.
  • Some biomarkers which can be practically used to help evaluate the efficacy of the interventions. For example, daily, hourly and in some cases instantaneous data provided by wearables like smart health watches and rings.
  • We will characterize personal experience that Steve and Vincent has from pursuing each intervention covered and what we believe it has done for us. (Vince and Steve both have experience with 1., Vince has long-been intensely involved in 2 and has had experience with 4.  Steve has extensive experience in 2,and 3 and has followed 5 for some time.

We will suggest how these five interventions could best be combined with other established interventions such as exercise and dietary restrictions.  We would also suggest that people seriously interested in experiencing YOUNGING1.0 pursue at least three out of the suggested five interventions together with other important ones.  In thenext and final part of this current blog enry, I put my use of the five interventions described here in context by characterizing all the  longevity interventions I have been pursuing

Vince’s longevity program

In summary, conditions, habits and interventions that I believe contribute to my longevity include:

  • Daily exercise at a moderate cardiovascular pace of at least 30 minutes a day
  • Daily physical therapy exercises designed to impact on various muscular systems
  • Family diet intensive in vegetables, fruits, fish, EV olive oil, grains, adequate protein
  • Hormetic cold shock therapy, usually involving my body becoming chilled both in the mornings and evenings
  • Dietary restriction, where most days I eat only a late breakfast and a 6 o’clock supper with minimal possible snacks in between
  • Full use of the conventional medical system, including periodic consultation with multiple specialists, and evaluation of vision, hearing, neurological state, MRI’s and CAT-scans
  • Living and interacting daily with younger people including my wife who is 17 years younger than me and four grandchildren under 8 years
  • Careful observance of public health measures such as assuring that I breathe clean air, seeking full vaccinations and following recommended measures to protect against COVID and other pathogens
  • Morning monitoring a number of dynamic key biomarkers using wearables, an OURA ring, and a Fitbit Health Watch
  • Frequently monitoring conventional health laboratory biomarkers such as lipid scores. Inflammatory indices, and the status of blood components
  • Occasional personal DNA biological age testing
  • I have had infusions of umbilical cord blood plasma, the last four years ago, and am planning for additional ones
  • On occasion, using an Apollo Neuro wearable sonic device to stimulate my vagus nerve and for stress relief
  • On occasion, using a jacket that combines a massager and redlight therapy for my lower back
  • Consuming twice daily 4 Herb Synergy, the liposomal dietary supplement I have developed for control of chronic inflammation
  • One or two daily 20-minute exposures to a PBM light pad on my lower back and spleen area
  • Daily onsuming a substantial variety of dietary supplements for specific purposes, including and going beyond control of chronic inflammation

About Vince Giuliano

Being a follower, connoisseur, and interpreter of longevity research is my latest career, since 2007. I believe I am unique among the researchers and writers in the aging sciences community in one critical respect. That is, I personally practice the anti-aging interventions that I preach and that has kept me healthy, young, active and highly involved at my age, now 93. I am as productive as I was at age 45. I don’t know of anybody else active in that community in my age bracket. In particular, I have focused on the importance of controlling chronic inflammation for healthy aging, and have written a number of articles on that subject in this blog. In 2014, I created a dietary supplement to further this objective. In 2019, two family colleagues and I started up Synergy Bioherbals, a dietary supplement company that is now selling this product. In earlier reincarnations of my career. I was Founding Dean of a graduate school and a full University Professor at the State University of New York, a senior consultant working in a variety of fields at Arthur D. Little, Inc., Chief Scientist and C00 of Mirror Systems, a software company, and an international Internet consultant. I got off the ground with one of the earliest PhD's from Harvard in a field later to become known as computer science. Because there was no academic field of computer science at the time, to get through I had to qualify myself in hard sciences, so my studies focused heavily on quantum physics. In various ways I contributed to the Computer Revolution starting in the 1950s and the Internet Revolution starting in the late 1980s. I am now engaged in doing the same for The Longevity Revolution. I have published something like 200 books and papers as well as over 430 substantive.entries in this blog, and have enjoyed various periods of notoriety. If you do a Google search on Vincent E. Giuliano, most if not all of the entries on the first few pages that come up will be ones relating to me. I have a general writings site at and an extensive site of my art at Please note that I have recently changed my mailbox to
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