ONLINE PRESENTATION – Extensions to Triggering Ancient Mechanisms For Rejuvenation — Online user comments, questions asked, and selected post-Meetup responses

By Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss

As announced previously, on November 20 2021 Steve Buss and I were featured in an online Meetup of the London Futurist group.  We focused on delivering a coherent presentation of our research reported in a number of our recent YOUNGING-SERIES blogs.  And, on how we believed that this work initiates a new paradigm for aging in all organisms including us, the prospect for reverse aging, and practical YOUNGING interventions.  You can see the vide of the first hour of that meetup presentation on YouTube by clicking HERE.  Further, as extensions to what is in the video, below we 1.  list a number of viewer comments made during the presentation, in some cases with remarks of my own and Steve’s evoked in response to the comments, and 2. List a number of questions posted by viewers and addressed after the presentation. And also ,selectively responding with remarks of my own and Steve’s.  These comments, questions and responses to them are not in the viewable only in this blog entry.

To view video, click above on original meeting announcement poster

The Meetup was under the auspices of London Futurists, a 8,864 person group organized by David Wood and concerned with important new trends likely to have profound impacts on our lives. Steve Buss and I covered the essentials of our recent identification of a new paradigm in biology impacting all natural body rejuvenation processes as well as aging itself.  And, helping to explain processes of reverse aging which we call YOUNGING processes. The materials covered summarize essentials of the previous seven entries published in this blog

The original meeting notice on the London Futurists site: Recent times have seen an explosion in the number of scientific studies documenting evidence about biological processes related to aging and rejuvenation. Many different theories attempt to explain that evidence. One complication, however, is that several new intervention techniques have emerged that appear to provide longevity benefit, sometimes profound, that aren’t explained by any of these existing theories.

Independent longevity researchers Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss believe that the number and content of scientific-study puzzle pieces have approached a critical threshold. It is now possible, they claim, to assemble a good explanation, in which natural body rejuvenation processes play a vital role. This comprehensive new explanation integrates existing theories and also highlights an age-reversal process they have identified and named ‘YOUNGING’.

Vince and Steve believe that this emerging explanation constitutes a paradigm shift for the longevity science movement. Already-proven rejuvenation explanations and interventions can ONLY be properly understood to fit together via understanding recent evidence of ancient, evolutionarily-conserved mechanisms.

This event consisted of three parts: 1.  a hour and 12 minute summary Powerpoint Presentation by Vince and Steve., This is the only part recorded and presented in the video you can see on YouTube. User comments on these and in some cases responses by me are listed below in this blog entry.  2. A 35-minute or so curated question-and answer session.  Users were able to post questions and other users could vote on them before they are posed and answered.  The questions raised are also listed below in this blog.  Responses online were not recorded, but in some cases Steve and I also provide brief responses here. And 3.  A followup Zoom session of open conversational interactions among users who choose to participate. Altogether we were at it for more than 3 hours.  Session 3 was not recorded.

About 98 people participated in the meetup.  25 interested people persisted through the open Zoom interactions until the very end.  After 3 hours of interaction, the 25 participants did not want to sign out.  Finally, David Wood had to forcibly terminate the meeting.

The following brief viewer chat comments made during Part 1 don’t show in the YouTube presentation and are complimentary to it.  They appeared temporarily during the presentation  in tiny text windows.  I list all the relevant chat comments but have stripped out the names of most of the comment originators . In selected cases I remark in response to a comment, in plain red text like this.  Steve’s responses are in green like this.

Substantive chat comments in Part1  Time stamps indicate when made

I have deleted a number of administrative remarks as well as ones that seem to make no sense or have no relevant context.  Please be aware that many remarks are not responsive to immediately previous ones in this listing.

16:18:10      While some of my aging markers range from 25-35 late middle age my skin seems to be aging much faster.  Does Younging also “reverse” skin aging, and if so, do we know the mechanism, as I understand elastin (for example) is very difficult to replenish.

I think that some form or forms of Younging must include reversal of skin aging.   But I know relatively little about that now and am not sure about what interventions might work best.  Recent research and anecdotal experience suggests that red and infrared light might underlie effective approaches.  Also skin cryotherapy may be relevant. I expect to review the research literature related to these topics soon.

I have used red and near infrared light, near infrared heating, and other substances on my face and have achieved effects which are noticeable to me, if not others. Here’s a link to a study showing the positive effects of light.  If you do a search for studies about “retinoid jmjd3 epigenetic”, you’ll get a long list of studies.  I’ve used the “Medix 5.5 Retinol Cream”, available at Amazon, and can feel the positive difference in my skin almost immediately.

16:22:34      Hi. Will the slides be available?

Right now you can pause on the individual slides while viewing the YouTube presentation

Is there a way to get copies of the slides to be able to look at the figures more closely.

Right now you can pause on the individual slides in the YouTube presentation and copy them with screen shots.

16:56:37      This is a ridiculously crazy and exciting presentation! What could be more important?

That happens to be the way we feel too.

17:09:08      I have driven my SpO2 down below 55 via Tummo breathing

17:09:41      I take Occam’s razor and see the following: Whenever the body is damaged or put into an emergency mode we see a repair or rejuvenation process.

Yes, the essence of this presentation

There’s a move afoot within the Longevity Science Movement to try to remove as many senescent cells as possible. But senescent cells have an important roleSenescent IL-6 signaling is essential to triggering rejuvenation through epigenetic reversion and regeneration via the OSKM Yamanaka factors

17:21:25      @MB- most Oxygen is good

17:24:17      Oxidation in general isn´t

Not quite so simple.  Oxidatiive damage is generally not good, but oxidative conditions may play key signaling roles in restorative processes.

17:25:09      Thanks to Vince and Steve, for giving me a major piece to the puzzle. You’ve confirmed a lot of ancient Taoist and Yogic texts with this work. Thanks!

You are welcome

17:26:36      Infra Red light works big time!!

It indeed appears to.  I have been reading the research about it in recent days and hope to publish a blog entry on this soon.

I have used near infrared light, via several different interventions, for years now. Among them, I have the Vielight Neuro Duo product and try to use it 4 to 6 days a week. I can tell the difference when I miss using it for a week or two.

17:28:03      I just opened a window to Vince’s supps list

Look at the most recent.  I intend do to update this list again soon.

17:28:34 to   👍✌️☮️☯️😁 I’ve been doing and teaching Tai Chi Quan and Qigong for over 20 years. it works! 😁

I bet it does.  Although I used to practice Tai Chi some, this  was years ago.

17:28:        But I know how much better pure Oxygen is

17:29:42      Best presentation I have seen in a long time!  …Maybe ever.

17:29:58      This has been a truly profound presentation on a better understanding of the underlying processes of aging and a potential regeneration of a human body.

17:30:16      Indeed.

17:30:31      Absolutely

17:30:46      Been reading Vince’s blog for years – highly recommended

17:31:11      Same here. Amazing work.

17:31:31      yes! I am looking for some good products!

17:32:02      Where the mind leads the body will follow, Aging is an attitude of the mind, so are the genes, genes express where the mind is set in its ways- William Young / London

17:32:35      The NRF2 pathway is not only evolutionarily highly conserved in humans.  There are rodents like the naked mole rats and a special bat that live 10 times longer than they should. They have extremely high nrf2 levels.  Could it not simply be the ratio between inflammation level and nrf2 level that is encoded in the organism and determines life span?

I think the question is a good one that deserves discussion. NRF2 expression and expression of inflammation as evidenced by NF-kb have a teeter-totter relationship.  When one goes up the other goes down. As mentioned in our presentation, limiting chronic inflammation appears to be required for effective expression of JDJM3.  You can activate NRF2 via multiple natural phytochemicals and thereby keep chronic inflammation down. So the ratio of NRF2/NF-kb can be under of conscious control, and therefore the same is roughly true for lifespan up to a point.  See all the articles in my blog about chronic inflammation and NRF2. And about my anti-inflammatory supplement 4 Herb Synergy.  I think limiting chronic inflammation has been a central longevity measure that got me to this point and will keep me personally active and productive to age 100+.

NRF2 expression has a critically central intimate relationship with various states of oxygen concentration in cells. For example, in the study abstract diagram below, NRF2 is shown to mediate hypoxia-inducible HIF-1a activation in epithelial cells.

We have only just begun to understand the relationship of NRF2 to HIF-1.

Illustration source: Nrf2 mediates hypoxia-inducible HIF1α activation in kidney tubular epithelial cells











This YOUNGING work is bringing all our old friends together in amazing ways around the same health and longevity table: NFF2, phytosubstances to enhance expression of NRF2 and minimize chronic inflammation, oxygen therapies, hormesis, antioxidant response elements,  HIF1alpha, vagus nerve operations, acetyl choline, mitochondrial processes. And recently JDJM3,  This great meeting will possible be the subject of our next blog entry.

17:34:35       Have you looked at adding CO2 to the O2 bag?

As far as I know, there’s no reason to add co2 to the oxygen bag when doing Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) exercise. Manfred von Ardenne doesn’t mention it in his book, Oxygen Multistep Therapy.  If you have a study link suggesting that it could be useful, please let us know.

17:35:47      That is the ultimate truth, but most people aren’t willing to do the work necessary for that to work for the majority. so interventions like the ones being discussed will work for them. Great comment. Cheers!

17:36:52      I totally agree. Higher Nrf2 consistently could lead to longer lifespan. It would neutralize the hyper activity of mTOR

Yes yes.

17:37:34      Rapamycin, metformin both lead to higher activation of Nrf2

Yes yes.  And both promote JDJM3

17:38:24      Intentionality

Yes.  Those of you familiar with my extended writings know that I believe intentionality is the source of creativity.  It has guided most of my adult life.  See my ON BEING AND CREATION treatise and recent entries in my Being and Creation blog.

My experience with my friend, Vincent, has convinced me of the value of practicing Intentional Reality Creation.

7:38:57 Epigenetic factors cause most aging. Mindset, diet, exercise, stress, environmental toxins, etc.


17:40:29 The Law of One is the law of the many as the one, and therefore the law of nature is purposefully the law of the many, so holistically we are making it.

17:42:53 overspecialization.

17:43:13 We as part of the law of one, are responsible for the Law of Nature, it is all about not arriving at critical mass to change the paradigm to have what is desired by the whole. William Young / London

And now it is possibly the time for arriving at that critical mass and changing the paradigm.  That thought excites and motivates me endlessly.

17:44:17 The cures to everything are in Pubmed. Except world peace.

If significantly increasing longevity could lead to a greater societal expression of wisdom (as I think could be the case), and this enhances the prospects for world peace, then perhaps some of the cures that lead to world peace are in Pubmed!

17:44:48 The problem also has to do with political pressure to parrot the wear-and-tear/damage-repair approach to treat age related decline.

Basic paradigm shifts are difficult and usually meet fierce resistance from the established order.  We have come a long way already though, and I do not expect to be boiled in oil or burned at the stake if I don’t recant.  Truth ultimately prevails.

17:46:31 Appreciation and gratitude to Vince and Steve. Finally a view of the forest!

17:47:06 Thank you!  Unfortunately I can’t stay for the panel session, but thanks to Vince and Steve for a fascination presentation. Looking forward to other researchers picking it up.

We hope this will happen soon.  We invite critical examination of what we have presented here.

18:00:            activating nrf2 decreases epigenetic age. I tracked this over 430 Days with 12 Tests lowering the epigenetic age around 5 years

Yes yes.  Fascinating.  See my earlier remark about that in this list.  And Martin, Please get in direct touch with me about this important data of yours.  I would like to know more about it.

18:03:40      I have a spreadsheet I track of about 30 physiological and functional factors to reflect healthy aging, based on quantitative aspects where possible

I would love to see this too.


18:14:33 You can get Hamblin’s books off of Amazon.

18:15:30 FYI, it is simple and cheap to buy far-red/near-IR light arrays online.

True, there is quite a selection on  I now have four of them,  Most of those devices seem to be imported from China.

18:16:39 Low-Level Light Therapy: Photobiomodulation (Tutorial Texts)

8:19:28   Would the writer need to be a medical doctor?

I assume this refers to a possible book related to YOUNGING as covered in this presentation. No the writer does not have to be a medical doctor

18:20:17 She has the credentials,  and has written a book ( The Kauffmann Protocol).

18:20:50 I think I got it

18:22:15 Wow! I love it!

18:23:29 Steve and Vincent: have you had an epigenetic age test? What were the results?

I had three DNA methylation age tests 4 1/2 years ago, all off of a single blood draw.  One showed me at about my actual age, another showed me a year younger than actual age and he third showed me as a year older than actual age.  This represents about the expected variance in these age tests. I had a blood draw for such an age tests today  and should know the results any day now.  I intend to publish them along with a number of my health biomarkers in a forthcoming blog entry.

18:27:04 hi David this is Akshay Sanghavi Can you announce my name and I will speak?

Good to hear from you Akshay

18:27:26 Ah, that makes sense. Will do…

18:29:17 Thank you very much gentlemen for the great session. Please make sure to repeat this!!

Steve and I are planning for a follow-up session on London Futurists, now aiming for Feb or Mar 2022

18:32:13 From  Johnny Adams  to  Hosts and panelists:

Volunteer rat #2 here to  Hosts and panelists:.  In my rambling attempt to answer David’s question about my personal age management program (stack) MUCH was omitted.  It is all here

Thanks Johnny

18:33:25 USG/NIH is near to agreeing aging is a disease, opening up funding?

This may be good news, though I believe certain kinds of needed aging research may not be funded this way.  For example, It will take a 40-50 year study of tens of thousands of participants, like the Framinham Heart Study, for us to determine which of the large number of life extension approaches now being practiced really work, and how well they work.  More immediately, a lot of the longevity approaches being tried could be partially validated or invalidated by rat studies.  But who will sponsor such studies if proprietary drugs and patented molecules are not involved?  E.g. who will sponsor carefully designed studies to validate or invalidate life-extension properties of systemic oxygen therapy? Infrared light therapies?  Vagus nerve therapies?, therapies that limit systemic age-related inflammation?

18:33:57 From       try to get rid of your senescence cells, then make sure your nrf2 level is high

That is a common viewpoint but are you sure? Il-6 senescent cell signalling is necessary to trigger Yamanaka factor OSKM cell-level epigenetic reversionin-vivo, leading to production of renewed cells.

18:35:09 From  Chris Wikman  to  Everyone:   Are we talking about a multi-faceted Younging experiment with most all known interventions, on human(s)?

I see such as a needed ongoing study

18:35:24 From  David Wood  to  Everyone:       Now speaking: Akshay Sanghavi – partner of Harold Katcher

18:39:56 for me, it is something radically different to see animals living longer than others but with a normal lifespan for their species and mimicking a specific aspect of this species for people to live longer.

Indeed so

18:44:26 Pranayama breathing techniques (I presented a webinar on this earlier this year..)

Yes, this too needs serious looking into given what is being discovered

18:46:27 Stellar!

18:46:45 You do great work, David.  Much appreciated!

18:47:17 Bravo, gentlemen!

18:47:56 Pranayama in Yoga, Tai Hsi in Taoism. They work.😁

18:48:12 excellent discussion

18:48:28 Indeed.

18:49:40 A seminal discussion. kudos to all!! Cheers!!👍✌️☮️☯️😁

18:49:47 thank you so much David!

18:49:52 Thank you!

18:50:14 Thanks !

18:50:33 Nobody wants to leave!

18:56:06 Senescent Cells and the incidence of age-realted diseases“

 Questions in Part 2 of the Meetup, and selected responses

While some of my aging markers range from 25-35 yo, in late middle age my skin seems to be aging much faster.  Does “Younging” also “reverse” skin aging, and if so, do we know the mechanism, as I understand elastin (for example), is very difficult to replenish?

I assume whole body Younging will revese skin aging.  But now I only know about some of the previously known interventions purported to impact on skin aging. See earlier discussion here.

See my comments above.


Do you know exactly which genes are affected by JMJD3?

No.  There are thousands of them.   But we have a good idea of the gene families involved.  See for example this publication

What about safety?

Depends on the intervention and side effects.  Based on animal experiments showing whole-body YOUNGING, and based on the many natural processes involving JDJM3 expression, I surmise that we will probably be able to clarify the safety of several whole body YOUNGING approaches.  Oxygen therapies could well be among these.

I believe (and I think Vince does to) that the major risk of deliberate increased JMJD3 expression is cancer risk. But that cancer requires significant inflammation to develop. That’s why profound reductions in inflammation are required as part of a JMJD3 focused regimen.


Hi. Will these slides be available?

You can pause on them in the YouTube presentation


Do you have a book that explains these concepts for “general audiences?”

Not yet, but we are now organizing to get one or more written.


Okay, great. Thanks for asking. Great work. I’m big on infra red, so that part was VERY interesting.
Does the JDJM3 literature to date fit with Dr. Harold Katcher’s work ?

I think it probably does very well, though Harold has been careful so far in not revealing what his ELIXER substance is.  Knowing nothing about his treatment substance except that it is present in young blood, little can be said.  However, his publication on the slow multi-year younging processes experienced by his small animals is part of the basis for my believing that whole-body YOUNGING is possible and demonstrated.

Is it possible that longevity was “bred out” in early humans based on how tribes distributed possibly scarce resources to elders vs. reproducing-age members? (Tribes with fewer long-lived members could provide more resources to reproducing members…?)

 Possibly, but all our antecedent species (in fact almost all species as far as i know) have well-defined maximum lifespans, so having a maximum life span was passed on to humans by evolution.

As far as I know, there is no evidence for the Programmed Aging Theory of Aging. There’s just an argument based wholly in conjecture.


1… profound evidence exists that the impulse of evolution is focus on life, regeneration, rejuvenation, renewal, by many processes, including JMJD3.

2… Digest the science of what evolution accomplished in establishing the Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway (CAP) in detail. It’s incredible.

The suggestion that adaptions based on scarce resources are even roughly comparable in scope and effect vis-à-vis the Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway is folly and cannot be taken seriously.

And notice… No promoters of the Programmed Aging Theory of Aging have tried to explain how their “Theory” explains the fact of the existence of the CAP in humans.


Is there any research on the impact of trauma on JMJD3?

Yes there appears to be a fair amount as can be revealed by Google and PubMed searches.  A broad generalization of special cases suggests that upregulation of JMJD3 results from serious stresses, including ones related to trauma.  See the article at


Can you give examples of food rich with DHEA?

I know of no natural food sources of DHEA.

How can we be sure that HDR doesn’t turn on genes not required in that type of cell?

I don’t think we can be sure, just as we can’t be sure that all kinds of other interventions turn on genes incidentally.  If we find an intervention is harmful, the usual approach is to discontinue using it, not to explore its gene activation impact profile which can be very complex.

In whose image and likeness was the human body created? It is still unclear. For example, a single-cell organism is arranged in the image and likeness of an atom. What about a human body? Thank you.

I strongly prefer the conventional evolutionary explanation as attested by a long sequence of studies and documentation. The others do not make much sense to me. A recent online lecture to your point, outlining our 300,000 years of history as Homo sapiens, is at

Can you let us know from where we can get good Oxygen?

Steve uses a system that extracts oxygen from the air and stores it in a very large bag where it can be breathed later.  See the photo of this in our online Powerpoint presentation


100 years ago, researchers Lorande Loss Woodruff, Rhoda Erdmann (1879-1947), Alexis Carrel (Nobel laureate), Sergey Metalnikov (1870-1946) received thousands of healthy generations from single cells and were forced to stop their healthy division. The degeneration of cells, they explained, is due to a decrease in the supply of received oxygen from the surrounding nutrient medium as a result of its pollution with waste products. We can say that degeneration, aging and decay of the cell organism is the result of self-poisoning and suffocation of the cell. Can you comment on their claim about the nature of aging? Thank you.

Appealing though this may sound I don’t think that makes sense.  Cells have finite natural lifecycles whose length may vary drastically by cell type.  And in the interest of the organism concerned, cells are replaced by differentiated stem cells. I  think some natural cell purifying processes such as the existence of natural killer cells and autophagy are very important as are interventions like oxygen therapy.  But, I don’t think it is correct to say that the aging and decay of cells is due to self-poisoning and suffocation. 

Are there any drugs for histone demethylation or for inflammation reflex apart from rapamycin?

Yes there are several that could be considered, including metformin and galantamine.  I would recommend caution, however, given the side effects that could be encountered.

Is Steves o2 machine commercially available or did he build it?

I understand that machines like his are commercialy available from several vendors.

Question to Steve: What is your HWOT training schedule?

A question for Steve to answer.  My impression is that he uses it several times a week.

Do you think that new techniques, such as those used for the mRNA vaccines can be used to more efficiently increase JMJD3 by directly increasing it in cells better than using these round about techniques.

Quite possibly.  I do not know for sure, but suspect that mucbetter techniques for the controlled induction of episodic enhanced expression of JDJM3 will be developed.

The NRF2 pathway is not only evolutionarily highly conserved in humans.
There are rodents like the naked mole rats and a special bat that live 10 times longer than they should. They have extremely high nrf2 levels.
Yes.  I commented on this earlier in this listing.  We have been looking for any research that ties NRF2 expression to expression of JDJM3.  I think that is now showing up as illustrated in the diagram in the above list.  Look for a new blog entry on this soon.
Could it not simply be the ratio between inflammation level and nrf2 level that is encoded in the organism and determines life span?
I commented on that point earlier in this listing.  I think both can have a profound influence on lifespan.
Question to Mr. Giuliano: Do you know that a person can restore the young structures and functions of his old body? The human body has powerful repair mechanisms for this. They create the substance of the body, heal its injuries, make the weak body athletic. They can make the old young again. Thank you.

Exactly, the gist of our presentation and the essence of our recent work has been identifying how the natural restorative processes in the body work and discovering ways of utilizing them to create health and significantly longer healthy lives.

 Are you not worried about the creation ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) when increasing oxygen with excercise, how about doing the opposite, reducing oxygen?

Yes.  The positive impacts of oxygen therapy are realized when there is an increase in oxygen level, and this can be realized by temporarily reducing oxygen level and creating hypoxia, and then increasing it to normal level again.  We refer to the overall process as Varoxia.


Is it that the mechanisms have not been found by evolution, or is it that evolution decided we need to die and be replaced?

Evolution is definitely not decided that we need to die and be replaced. We have been eminently successful as a species. Rather, social evolution has strongly augmented and empowered biological evolution.  For example, sanitary systems cleaner air, automobile seatbelts, safer automobiles and modern medicine are social developments which have contributed significantly to our longevity.  So also is a recent development of the vaccines protective against COVID.  Finally, what is most exciting about our recent work involving JDJM3 and the inflammatory reflex is that there are common mechanisms underlying natural restorative processes and health and longevity interventions.


have you seen any reduction in bio age through methylation tests personally?

I addressed this question above.  Awaiting results any day now.

Steve re doing experiments – do you measure the results of your own EWOT for example?  What are the biomarker and objective results?


Thanks guys


Why do you think that BIOLOGY is responsible for our aging, and not PHYSICS, which explains the nature of aging and indicates the way to rejuvenate the old with the help of the art of medicine?

Aging is a property of living things and the science of living things is biology. A physicist myself by university training, I know that there are many phenomena of physics that contribute to biology. However, There appears to be a hierarchy of Sciences. Although physics is fundamental the laws of chemistry cannot be derived from knowledge of physics.  Similarly, the laws of biology cannot be derived from the laws of physics or those of Chemistry; they are their own things based on studies of living things.

I apologize but could not configure my ZOOM. You have correctly noted that OXIGEN deficiency is noted in senile processes. But why do you ignore the physical processes? Biological objects are victims of these physical processes. Don’t you think so?

Of course physical processes must be considered, an example being that oxygen deficiency can lead to impaired microvasculature.  In turn, if the microvasculature delivering oxygen to organs or parts of organs is inadequate, the affected cells may be oxygen deficient. So, a deteriorative feedback situation can result



About Vince Giuliano

Being a follower, connoisseur, and interpreter of longevity research is my latest career, since 2007. I believe I am unique among the researchers and writers in the aging sciences community in one critical respect. That is, I personally practice the anti-aging interventions that I preach and that has kept me healthy, young, active and highly involved at my age, now 93. I am as productive as I was at age 45. I don’t know of anybody else active in that community in my age bracket. In particular, I have focused on the importance of controlling chronic inflammation for healthy aging, and have written a number of articles on that subject in this blog. In 2014, I created a dietary supplement to further this objective. In 2019, two family colleagues and I started up Synergy Bioherbals, a dietary supplement company that is now selling this product. In earlier reincarnations of my career. I was Founding Dean of a graduate school and a full University Professor at the State University of New York, a senior consultant working in a variety of fields at Arthur D. Little, Inc., Chief Scientist and C00 of Mirror Systems, a software company, and an international Internet consultant. I got off the ground with one of the earliest PhD's from Harvard in a field later to become known as computer science. Because there was no academic field of computer science at the time, to get through I had to qualify myself in hard sciences, so my studies focused heavily on quantum physics. In various ways I contributed to the Computer Revolution starting in the 1950s and the Internet Revolution starting in the late 1980s. I am now engaged in doing the same for The Longevity Revolution. I have published something like 200 books and papers as well as over 430 substantive.entries in this blog, and have enjoyed various periods of notoriety. If you do a Google search on Vincent E. Giuliano, most if not all of the entries on the first few pages that come up will be ones relating to me. I have a general writings site at and an extensive site of my art at Please note that I have recently changed my mailbox to
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