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Chris is a semi-retired “renaissance man.” He is a medical writer and consultant with interests in longevity, anti-aging, and anti-aging interventions, and founder of the firm Biometrics for Healthy Aging. Further, Chris employs several anti-aging interventions in his daily life. He believes in medical practices which are backed up by good science, and he is very open minded about those practices which have a long and seemingly successful tradition, but which may as yet be unexplained by Western science. This is also an area of his continuing interest. In other aspects of his life, Chris is a musician, multi-media artist, engineer, and world-wide high-adventure traveler. He strives to get daily sunshine and time outdoors in nature.

Managing Your Health by Analyzing Your Personal Health and Fitness Data

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By A. Christopher Wikman Preface by Vince Giuliano I see this article by Chris Wikman as highly relevant for anybody who wants to understand their own health or enhance their longevity. Historically, fundamental scientific discoveries and technologies have been based … Continue reading

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Biometrics and Aging

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By A. Christopher Wikman, March 2022 INTRODUCTION Over the years, this weblog has brought to light, integrated and presented the science of aging and the healthy practices and interventions (see the post “PRACTICAL INTERVENTIONS FOR YOUNGING1.0 – Introduction to the … Continue reading

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