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Telomerase update –arguments for and against using telomere extender supplements

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By Vince Giuliano In past blog entries and in my treatise I have explained how I was an early adapter at taking telomerase extenders like astrogaloside4 and cycloastragenol, and why, later as a result of following much research, I stopped … Continue reading

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Telomerase activators – what do they really do?

Astragalus-based dietary supplements that are known to activate the expression of telomerase have been on the market for several years now.  However, there appears to be a significant difference between what these supplements are widely publicized to do and what … Continue reading

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Telomeres and telomerase in Induced Pluripotent stem cells – not what we thought

An important new research article appeared yesterday, in the online edition of Future Medicine: Spontaneous reversal of the developmental aging of normal human cells following transcriptional reprogramming. The study is important because it contradicts an important earlier assumption about induced … Continue reading

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IPSCs, telomerase, and closing the loop in the stem cell supply chain

The flood of telomere/telomerase research news has gotten to be so great that I have to be finicky in selecting items reported in this blog.  That having been said, I think the new finding reported here is an important one … Continue reading

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New telomerase finding only a small-medium sized deal

The press has been making a big deal of research made public a few days ago that correlates a genetic defect in one of the key telomerase-producing genes TERC with shorter telomeres later in life.  This link leads to 23 news stories … Continue reading

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Vitamins, supplements and telomerase – upregulation or downregulation?

It seems like scarcely a day goes by now without new telomerase research news items showing up in the popular press, the latest having to do with fish oil.  I mention this news here but my purpose is to make … Continue reading

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Exercise, telomerase and telomeres

A new study reported in the press this week looks at the relationship of exercise to expression of telomerase and telomere lengths in athletes and non-athletes.  Other studies on the same topic have appeared in the last year or so.  … Continue reading

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Timely telomerase tidbits

The flow of weekly news items related to telomeres and telomerase has grown from a trickle to a steady stream.  Here is a selection of some recent items.  Centenarian Ashkenazi Jews A recent study of centenarian Ashkenazi Jews found that … Continue reading

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Telomere and telomerase writings

It is now official; telomerase is really for-real.  A Nobel Prize was just granted to Carol Greider, Elizabeth Blackburn and Jack Szostak, for discovery of the telomerase enzyme 25 years ago.  Greider was a 23-year-old first-year graduate student back then.  … Continue reading

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Extra-telomeric benefits of telomerase – good news for telomerase activators

I am concerned that the popular view of telomerase activation is too simplistic and misses many the main benefits.  The popular view is that exogenously-activated telomerase extends telomeres (the endcaps of chromosomes) thus allowing cells to reproduce beyond the normal … Continue reading

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