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NAD+ an emerging framework for life health and life extension — Part 2: Deeper into the NAD World, hopeful interventions

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By James P Watson with contributions and assistance by Vince Giuliano This is Part 2 of what will likely be a six-part series of blog entries related to the metabolic cofactor NAD+ and what goes on in the NAD World,  … Continue reading

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PLANT COMMUNICATIONS By Melody Winnig and Vince Giuliano Plants are far from being deaf and dumb.  We think this blog may help convince you that they are smart, listen carefully and are highly expressive. The topic of this blog is … Continue reading

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By Vince Giuliano This is a progress report on the changing state of human longevity during the five-year lifespan of this blog.  It reviews major trends and forces impacting on our lifespans, both scientific and social.  Longevity can be viewed … Continue reading

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PRECONDITIONING – Adaptive Response In Biology And Medicine – report on the 2014 annual meeting of the International Dose Response Society

By Vince Giuliano and Melody Winnig Frequent readers of this blog are familiar with the fundamental importance that we have attributed to biological stresses and stress-responses in driving health and longevity.   The two of us attended the 2014 meeting of … Continue reading

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Nuclear Aging: The View from the Telomere end of the Chromosome – Part 3 – Telomere Molecular Biology and GUT implications – The two faces of P53

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By James P Watson with editorial assistance and comments by Vince Giuliano This is Part 3 of 3 in the series The View from the Telomere end of the Chromsome.  Because of the length of the telomere story, we divided … Continue reading

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Nuclear Aging: The View from the Telomere end of the Chromosome Part 1 – context, history, and about telomere lengths

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By James P Watson with Preface and editorial assistance by Vince Giuliano Preface by Vince Giuliano According to the latest theories of cosmology, the universe has no center.  However, anyplace in the universe, including where we are on Earth, can … Continue reading

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Jim Watson’s “Top 12” List of “Things I Learned about Aging” in 2013

By James P Watson with editorial assistance from Vince Giuliano In the style of David Letterman’s “top 10 list” from late night TV, I am listing my own list of the most important things that I personally learned in 2013 … Continue reading

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Prospectus for a Grand Unified theory of Biology, Health and Aging

By Vince Giuliano with major contributions from Jim Watson This blog entry argues that the time has come to create a Grand Unified Theory of Aging.  Such a theory will necessarily be a major part of a Grand Unfied Theory … Continue reading

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Further extensions to and implications of the Xenohormetic live food hypothesis

By Vince Giuliano and Melody Winnig  Image source This is the third blog entry related to the Xenohormetic live food hypothesis.  In the first blog entry – Health through stressing fruits and vegetables —  we laid out the basic hypothesis, … Continue reading

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PART 3: Slaying Two Dragons with the Sound of Silence: – How to Keep Your Repetitive DNA Turned Off with “3 Songs”: Sirtuins, Polycomb Proteins, and DNMT3. And a Master List of Drugs and Natural Compounds for Cancer Chemoprevention

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By James Watson (with some help from Vince Giuliano) Image source This is the Part 3 of a three-part series of blog entries on the epigenetic’s of cancer and aging and how those two deadly dragons can be seriously slowed … Continue reading

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