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Radiation hormesis

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By Vince Giuliano Small doses of radiation, such as from occasional X-rays or living at a high altitude, may actually be good for you according to the radiation hormesis hypothesis discussed here.  Although this hypothesis is about 30 years old … Continue reading

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A collection of stories and explanations by Jim Watson and Vince Giuliano The stories are fantasies about new kinds of bars that could possibly exist in the future.  The Hormesis Bars are ones where all the drinks produce stresses.  According … Continue reading

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Multifactorial hormesis – the theory and practice of maintaining health and longevity

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By Vince Giuliano and James P Watson This blog entry generalizes on the concept of hormesis, discusses the multiple pathways through which hormesis takes place, and suggests a myriad of ways that ordinary people can take advantage of hormesis to … Continue reading

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By Vince Giuliano This blog is about Mitohormesis, a different form of hormesis than that discussed in the previous blog entry Radiation Hormesis.  Mitohormesis has to do with cell metabolic pathways and oxidative stress, topics I have discussed in many … Continue reading

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2018 meeting of the International Dose-Response Society

By Vince Giuliano As in previous years, I am posting this note regarding the forthcoming 2018 annual meeting of the International Dose-response Society.  It will be held as usual on the Campus of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst MA on April … Continue reading

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Transposable DNA elements – Part 3 TEs and and other key mechanisms of evolution: incRNAs, A to I editing, alternative splicing and exonization

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By Vince Giuliano, with inspiration by Jim Watson                   Image source:  “These clusters of cells are 1 billion years old, the oldest to appear in freshwater/land ecosysems   Credit: Oxford University/Martin Brasier ”  … Continue reading

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Plant polyphenols – six epigenetic knockout punches against cancers

Certain plant polyphenols not only exercise general positive health effects but also inhibit oncogenic transformation or the proliferation of cancer cells.  Or, they outright kill cancer cells.  Included are a substantial number of cancer-fighting plant polyphenols, some of which are … Continue reading

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Unlocking Longevity

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By Vince Giuliano 9-27 -2023 Preface and a personal note In April of this year, I experienced a breakthrough in understanding human aging.  This was a key event for me, coming after 15 years of full-time study and writing 600 … Continue reading

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PRACTICAL INTERVENTIONS FOR YOUNGING1.0 – Introduction to the series

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By Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss INTRODUCTION This blog entry serves as an Introduction to a planned series of blog entries focused on interventions for maintaining a healthy state while aging and initiating natural processes for reversal of aging – … Continue reading

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YGA Introduction to the YOUNGING Series – Emerging Aging Reversal Strategies and Treatments

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By Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss Aging reversal has been the dream of humans for all of our history. It has happened in stories and myths.  For example, Hebe was the Greek Goddess of youth. “Hebe had influence over eternal … Continue reading

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