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By Vince Giuliano   Frequent       Frequent readers of this blog know that I have invented a dietary supplement for the control of chronic inflammation, an important hallmark of aging disabilities.  The purpose of this blog entry is … Continue reading

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By Vince Giuliano and Steve Buss (A general introduction to this first substantive Blog Post in a new YOUNGING  Series is provided in the post Introduction to the YOUNGING Series – Emerging Aging Reversal Strategies and Treatments). After reading the present … Continue reading

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By James P Watson with editorial help and selected contributions by Vince Giuliano Image source Human telomeric G-quadruplex structure  Introduction by Vince Giuliano If you are new to G-quadraplexes, I can appreciate reader resistance to confronting the intellectual challenge of … Continue reading

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Nuclear Aging: The View from the Telomere end of the Chromosome – Part 2 – Telomere Molecular Biology

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By James P Watson with editorial assistance and a few comments by Vince Giuliano This is Part 2 of 3 in the series The View from the Telomere end of the Chromsome.  Because of the length of the extended telomere story, we … Continue reading

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The Master Regulator of Aging? – Redox, Glutatione and Cysteine, Part 1

By Dan Campagnoli (Welcome Dan, as a researcher and writer for this blog.  Jim Watson and I agree that with what is laid out in this blog entry, you clearly win both of the prizes in our contest Aging science … Continue reading

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Radiation hormesis

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By Vince Giuliano Small doses of radiation, such as from occasional X-rays or living at a high altitude, may actually be good for you according to the radiation hormesis hypothesis discussed here.  Although this hypothesis is about 30 years old … Continue reading

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Latest p16(Ink4a) senescence-reversing research – an important but not game-changing contribution

By Vince Giuliano The press has recently picked up heavily on work by Mayo Clinic researchers related to reversal of cell-senescence in-vivo via inhibition of expression of the protein p16(Ink4a).  The research has been heralded by such headlines as Cell … Continue reading

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Aging as a genomic-epigenomic dance

By Vince Giuliano Much of what we observe in aging appears to come about through accumulated genomic damage, or through aging-related epigenomic mechanisms. This blog entry explores the relationship of genomics to epigenomics with respect to diseases and aging. Some … Continue reading

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The epigenetic regulation of telomeres

This blog entry focuses on a specific aspect of telomere biology, the epigenetic regulation of telomeres as mediated by TERRA, a recently-discovered RNA. Most popular discussions related to telomeres and telomerase are still based on simplistic earlier models of telomerase … Continue reading

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JDP2 – linking epigenetic modifications, stem cell differentiation, cell senescence, cell stress response, and aging

Important research published in late 2010 and 2011 relates to a protein JDP2 that plays a key role in cell-cycle processes.   JDP2 is involved with epigenetic modifications to histones relevant to age-related changes in stem cell differentiation and cell senescence.  … Continue reading

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