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By Vince Giuliano June 27 1017   Once in a while over the years I take a break from blog research and writing as I have done recently.  When I come back to the research and writing after such a … Continue reading

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2017 meeting of the International Dose-Response Society

Note by Vince Giuliano As in previous years, I am posting this note regarding the forthcoming 2017 annual meeting of the International Dose-response Society.  It will be held on the Campus of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst MA on April … Continue reading

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Inflammation Part 3: resolving inflammation – resolvins, protectins, maresins and lipoxins

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By Vince Giuliano This Part 3 of the Inflammation series of blog entries is concerned with the all-important resolution phase of inflammation, how acute inflammation goes away under ideal conditions instead of hunkering down to lingering and dangerous chronic inflammation. … Continue reading

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Aging, health and disease – view from the DNA Methylome

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By James P. Watson with contributions and editing by Vince Giuliano Introduction (By Vince Giuliano) Jim Watson and I have held that aging and biology, like the universe itself, have no centers.  Like the universe, they can be looked at … Continue reading

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Presentation videos – The Science and Technology of Longevity

By Vince Giuliano On Thursday June16, 2016, I offered a pair of talks on The Science and Technology of Longevity at a meeting hosted by the Silicon Valley Health Institute  in Palo Alto California. The talks were recorded and you can access them here at your convenience … Continue reading

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Part 5 of the NAD world: the conflicting roles of NAMPT – inflammation or rescue? Also Part 1 on a new series on inflammation

By James P Watson with commentary and assistance by Vince Giuliano Introduction by Vince Giuliano This blog entry relates another important story of what goes on in the NAD world. This is also the first entry of what I expect … Continue reading

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Coming in this blog

By Vince Giuliano and James P Watson This entry signals some intended changes in our blogging approach and lists some blog entries we plan to publish soon. A.  Changes in blogging approach We expect to go to shorter more- focused … Continue reading

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2016 meeting of the International Dose-response Society

Note by Vince Giuliano As has been the case in several previous years, I intend to attend the 2016 annual meeting of the International Dose-response Society which will be held on the Campus of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst … Continue reading

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Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome – a disease of accelerated aging due to Alternative Splicing

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By James P Watson with editorial assistance and contributions from Vince Giuliano I.  WHY YOU SHOULD BE INTERESTED IN HUTCHINSON-GILFORD PROGERIA SYNDROME (HGPS) Summary: HGPS is a major clue to solving the “puzzle of aging” and the molecular mechanisms here … Continue reading

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Transposable DNA elements – Part 3 TEs and and other key mechanisms of evolution: incRNAs, A to I editing, alternative splicing and exonization

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By Vince Giuliano, with inspiration by Jim Watson                   Image source:  “These clusters of cells are 1 billion years old, the oldest to appear in freshwater/land ecosysems   Credit: Oxford University/Martin Brasier ”  … Continue reading

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